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Blu-ray possibilities and capabilities

This article highlights the Blu-ray possibilities and capibilities you can enjoy and use for your homecenima experience.
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Blu-ray possibilities and capabilities: Blu-ray offers many possibilities due to the large storage capacity, but also due to additional functions in Blu-ray players, we can do much more than just watch a movie.

Here are Blu-ray possibilities


With BD-Live it is possible to download additional content, such as previews and exclusive extras of the film, via the Internet connection of the Blu-ray player. Nowadays this function is on almost every Blu-ray player. But the Blu-ray disc must also be equipped with the BD-Live function and BD-Live material to be able to use it. To use BD-Live, your Blu-ray player must be connected to the internet. Read more about this under the heading Ethernet.

When the internet is correctly connected, all kinds of information about the Blu-ray discs you are watching will appear on the connected TV. For example, you can go to the website of the movie or a forum about the movie in question and even chatting is sometimes possible. What’s also nice is that some movies offer games online that you can play on your TV. Many Blu-ray players now offer the BD-Live function. Check carefully whether the BD-Live function is on the Blu-Ray player before you purchase it, because it adds a lot of extra possibilities to watching movies. Please note; Not every Blu-ray disc has the BD-Live function. The BD-Live logo can therefore be found on the cover of a Blu-ray disc.


Ethernet is actually the connection to your Blu-ray player that ensures that you can connect to your own network and therefore the internet. The latest Blu-ray players can do this wirelessly via WiFi, but the somewhat “older” players still use the ethernet connection. To do this, you need to connect an Ethernet cable, which is connected to your network or internet connection, to your Blu-ray player. Then you set up the player so that it can connect to your network. The rest will go without saying.

But also a big advantage is that you can have your Blu-ray player updated automatically via the ethernet connection. When new software is available for the player, you will receive a notification on the screen and you can download the latest software at the touch of a button. This way your player stays up-to-date for a long time and you do not have to look for a new player every year.


Blu-ray possibilities – Internet Portal

In addition to the latest TVs, more and more Blu-ray players also have an internet portal function (also called Smart TV  ). With this internet portal you can use certain services that are on the internet, provided you are of course connected to the internet. Examples are Panasonic’s Viera Connect portal and LG’s NetCast portal. With this you can use your TV on the internet and, for example, search for videos on Youtube, watch sports matches via Eurosport, download various games and applications, and get news and weather information. Some players also provide access to the Internet through a built-in web browser.

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