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Bird Buddy: Smart birdhouse recognizes birds in your garden

Bird Buddy is a smart bird feeder that is equipped with camera and app that can record, close-ups and recognize a bird in your garden
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And the project also seems very interesting to us. Bird Buddy is a smart birdhouse for the garden. So you can just feed the birds in your garden, but this time you can also see them up close. The birdhouse is equipped with a 720p camera and is equipped with artificial intelligence. As soon as a bird sits in front of the camera, you will receive a notification on your smartphone and you can watch closely. Not only that, the artificial intelligence recognizes the bird and immediately tells you which bird it is. And that is useful if, like me, you can just distinguish a pigeon from a gull, but nothing more.

Bird Buddy also comes with a small game element of ‘Gotta catch’ em all ‘, because in the app you can keep track of which birds have already appeared in front of the camera. So you can watch live, but also take photos of your winged visitors. In total, the artificial intelligence recognizes more than 1000 different birds. The camera does this not only via the image, but also via the built-in microphone that must recognize the sound of the bird.

Price and availability of Bird Buddy

The crowdfunding campaign is now over, but pre-orders are now open. You can therefore pre-order the Bird Buddy. It is expected to be delivered in September. The price of this smart birdhouse is 165 euros. More information can be found on the website from the company or via Kickstarter.

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