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The best LCD led and oled TVs from 2018/2019 – Best TVs of 2018/2019

We have extensively tested the Best TVs of 2018/2019 from almost all major brands. In this article we discuss the best LCD and OLED TVs of 2018/2019.
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We have extensively tested more than 90 products this year, including the Best TVs of 2018/2019 from almost all major brands. But, which television can you buy the best? In this article we discuss the best LCD and OLED TVs of 2018/2019, looking at different price ranges.

Everything about buying a television

Today, buying a new television is no easy task anymore. There are so many features, functions and possibilities that there is a good chance that you will no longer see the forest through the trees.

Best TVs of 2018/2019

We have seen a lot of TVs this year, and a large number of them extensively tested. The following overview with the best televisions of 2018/2019 is determined by looking at our own reviews, experiences of other experts and readers, the developments in the market and the prices of the relevant devices. In the overview we have not used a special order.

The best LCD LED TVs from 2018/2019

We start with the overview of the best LCD LED TVs at the moment, looking at various price ranges.

Best TVs of 2018/2019- Samsung Q9F series

The Q9F series is the flagship of Samsung, consisting of 55-inch and 65-inch models. The major improvement of the Samsung QE65Q9FN is the use of a Full Array backlight with local dimming, and a renewed Invisible Connect cable that now also provides power in addition to the connections. Finally, Samsung has also built in an ‘Ambient Mode’ that gives the screen a function if you do not watch TV. Premium TVs with premium quality.

If we criticized the 2017 QLED models, it was the lack of a local top-level model. With the Q9FN series, Samsung now has a clear answer to that. With almost five hundred zones and an excellent algorithm to control them, you are guaranteed a deep black and beautiful contrast on this television that can compete with OLED. The main weak point remains the viewing angle, but mainly for dark images. The high price tag should of course be taken for granted in this category, but compared to other top models it is very well priced.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 – Sony ZF9-series

With his Master series of which this TV is part, Sony aims at the image quality that until now could only be achieved with studio monitors. The Sony KD-65ZF9 is an LCD TV equipped with local dimming, an improved viewing angle, very good motion sharpness and excellent HDR performance.

The ZF9 is a joy to watch. It delivers an extremely clear image, with excellent contrast, top black detail, very good calibration, and excellent color reproduction. For HDR, the ZF9 claims the crown of the clearest television, combined again with a near perfect calibration. Sport and action? No problem, the movement sharpness is excellent. And the new X-Wide Angle technology gives this LCD TV a very wide viewing angle. The Android Oreo user interface is smooth and makes your content a lot more accessible than the previous version. Finally, the price. That is of course high, but compared to the introductory price of the ZD9 we are pleasantly surprised.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 – Samsung NU8000 series

Do you have a smaller budget but do you want still optimal image quality? Then the Samsung NU8000 series is interesting. This NU8000 series has to do without the design features of the QLED series, but has a lot to offer in terms of image quality for a decent price.

Best TVs of 2018/2019 - Samsung NU8000 series

The Samsung NU8000 is a television with excellent image processing, good sharpening, and plenty of brightness for use in a well-lit living room. The audio quality is also good, especially when we look at the narrow design. Thanks to a strong contrast, he will also be able to display very attractive images for many film lovers, even with a bit of darkening. And for a very reasonable price you get good HDR performance, although they obviously can not match the images of his big QLED brothers.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 – Philips PUS8303 series

The Philips PUS8303 series is an attractively priced series of LCD televisions that bridge the gap between Philips’ LCD TVs and OLED TVs. The screen uses the Nano Color technology from LG and is equipped with a 100 Hz panel and the Philips P5 image processing chip. For smaller budgets this is highly recommended.

  Best TVs of 2018/2019 - Philips PUS8303 series

Yes, the contrast is limited, that is inherent to the IPS panel. But this television does not aim at hardcore film lovers, but rather at the large family and their varied viewing habits. It provides a clear and very colorful image, ideal for the living room. The movement sharpness is excellent and makes him a good choice for sports. The HDR performance is just in the range of where you really start to see the difference. The price we find particularly good for this 55-incher, with which you undoubtedly get a lot of viewing pleasure.

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The best oled TVs of 2018/2019

Below we will continue with the overview of the best OLED TVs of the moment, looking at various price ranges.

Best TVs of 2018/2019 – LG C8 and E8 series

] LG has also launched a lot of oled TVs this year, of which the C8 series is the cheapest series. This model has almost everything in terms of image quality, including support for most HDR standards. The picture quality is the same as the picture quality of the higher models, but if you expect more in the field of audio than we recommend the E8 series. This series comes with a built-in soundbar.

Best TVs of 2018/2019 - LG C8 and E8 series

Image quality? There you get the same great performances as the more expensive E8. The calibration is excellent in both HDR and SDR. The OLED screen delivers perfect black, sufficient brightness and beautiful colors. This LG also shows a lot of black detail. The Alpha9 image processor delivers excellent results and WebOS remains a pleasure to use. In short, this is a very nice television, with a great price tag.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 -Panasonic FZW804 and FZW954-series

What applies to LG also applies to Panasonic. With the FZW804 series, the Japanese company has an affordable OLED TV with very good performance in the range, but if you’re looking for something better in terms of design and audio reproduction, you can go for the more stylish and expensive FZW954 series that is provided. of a soundbar.

Best TVs of 2018/2019 -Panasonic FZW804 and FZW954-series

What appeared to be the case on paper is confirmed in our tests. The FZW804 and FZW954 score as good as the same. Only on audio face should the cheaper model make the thumbs, but as far as image is concerned, you do not have to give anything. The TX-55FZW804 has to do without Dolby Vision, and the Panasonic prints a minimum of black detail. But with that the weak points are listed. The TX-55FZW804 is an oled television with fantastic image quality.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 – Philips OLED803 and OLED903 series

Not only Panasonic and LG use this strategy, Philips also does to join. The manufacturer has an affordable oled model in the range of the OLED803 series, but if you are looking for a bit more style and better audio reproduction through a Bowers & Wilkins soundbar than the OLED903 series is the best choice. Both TVs, however, have the same impressive image quality.

Best TVs of 2018/2019 - Philips OLED803 and OLED903 series

With its P5 chip, Philips gets beautiful images from the 55OLED803. Especially the addition of Perfect Natural Reality, which gives all your existing content a truly exceptional HDR tone, is an excellent asset. Count on excellent motion sharpness and all the benefits of OLED, and you have amazing picture quality. Philips has also improved the sound considerably so that you get a fantastic all-rounder with this television.

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Best TVs of 2018/2019 – Sony AF9 series

In the ‘Master’ series of Sony we find not only the ZF9 back, but of course also a new OLED model. The KD-65AF9 is the successor of the A1. It is equipped with the latest OLED panel, the new X1 Ultimate image processor, and an improved version of Acoustic Surface. In short, a very complete package for whom image and sound quality is of paramount importance.

Best TVs of 2018/2019

If you are looking for an excellent television that should be central to your home cinema, then this KD-65AF9 is a very good choice. It delivers beautiful OLED image quality, with excellent black detail, lifelike colors and good motion sharpness. The image processing ensures sharp detail, and the calibration is fine. You get not only excellent image quality but also good sound, in a sleek package. Those who have an AV receiver can even connect the AF9 series as center loudspeaker. In short, a very nice package of TV pleasure.

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