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Best games of the moment – part 12 (autumn 2019)

the best games of the moment you can play this fall on your Xbox One (X), PlayStation 4 (Pro) and Nintendo Switch. In this overview you will find Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Borderlands 3 and Gears 5.
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In this overview we discuss the best games of the moment you can play this fall on your Xbox One (X), PlayStation 4 (Pro) and Nintendo Switch. In this overview you will find Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Borderlands 3 and Gears 5.

Best games – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

During the overview of Best games of the moment The Fire Emblem series is back on a Nintendo game console. The series once started in Japan on the NES, but was first released in the west on the Gameboy Advance. In the meantime, we have been able to play different parts on the GBA, Gamecube, Wii, Nintendo DS and the Nintendo 3DS and the Switch version is the first since the Wii that is playable on your television. Of course you can also remove the Switch from the dock, but then you may encounter the problem that the text is less legible.

Now we don’t like to start a review with a negative point, were it not for that reading texts is extremely important. In addition to the strategic and role-playing elements for which the series is known (as a kind of extensive, deeply elaborated and yet accessible chess game), this time you also have to deal with a kind of life sim . To build a good relationship with your team members and other people, you can drink tea with them, give them gifts, teach them as a professor and bring back their found things.

Not only you can start a conversation with others, team members also get to talk to each other. Now most of the time voices are spoken by voice actors, but reading the menu texts is a bit more difficult when you are playing along the way. A rare negative comment about the game, which is otherwise tightly worked out. Yet another point about the story: certainly in the beginning you sometimes come across potentially interesting characters who actually disappear from the stage again without good development.

The basis of the game, however, is like a house. Fortunately, the core still revolves around strategic battles on a large battlefield. Here and there the makers have thrown some traditionally present elements on the shovel, but later those elements are introduced again by means of special skills. This keeps the game accessible for new players, while old players can discover something new. Moreover, there are three story lines to follow, which means you can play for dozens of hours.

Best games  – Borderlands 3

In Best game overviewBorderlands 3, a first-person shooter that presents RPG elements in a nice way, takes place some time after Borderlands 2, where it was discovered that there are countless other vaults on other planets in the Milky Way. The first vault, simply called the Vault, was part of the story in part one. In part two, the developer elaborated further. Borderlands 3 not only continues where part two stopped, it also takes on elements and characters from Tales from the Borderlands, a game from Telltale Games.

Left in the power vacuum by the fall of Hyperion (this happened in part two), Troy and Tyreen Calypso created the Children of the Vault (COV), a violent cult formed from the remains of the planet’s many bandit fractions, to take possession of the other vaults. Lilith, one of the first game Vault Hunters and the current leader of the Crimson Raiders, a resistance force to protect the Vaults, is recruiting new Vault Hunters, so you, to stop the Calypso twins.

As was thus tested at the end of part two there are several Vaults on different planets and in Borderlands 3 you can visit them all. Every planet looks different and has different types of enemies, which you can best defeat in different types of ways. And that is also where the power of the Borderlands series and this third part lie: the gunplay and all the different types of loot and guns that you can find. The guns feel even better than in Borderlands 2 and that is great: that already feels very good.

Moreover, the Gearbox developer has promised that there are infinitely more different guns and variations to be drawn. But not only the gunplay has been improved, because the possibilities with regard to movement have also been expanded. You can slide to or from enemies and clamber over cover and ridges. In addition, you can enjoy the game with friends online and side by side on the couch and now there are also dungeons with a boss at the end and different horde modes. This game was well worth the wait.

26 years ago the remarkable The Legend of Zelda game Link’s Awakening appeared for the Game Boy. In many cases this is a unique Zelda title. Not only was it the first to appear in front of a handheld, we also come across characters that we recognize from other game series, such as Sim City and Super Mario Bros. 2. A quarter of a century later, no game in the franchise has come close to the uniqueness of this game, so we’re happy to see Nintendo re-releasing the game.

The reason The fact that Nintendo does that is mainly due to the fact that the first version is poorly available. To keep the game accessible, there is now a version for the Nintendo Switch. The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has been completely rebuilt and developed and once again has its own distinctive character. The design of the game comes close to how we as children could imagine that the game would look like, and that is done pretty well by Nintendo.

Moreover, everything is and still works exactly the same. For old players it is a celebration of recognition, while new players can marvel at the cool visuals and contemporary puzzles. In addition, Mario Maker has influenced the development of the game: you can build your own dungeons yourself, and that is really done and worked out intuitively. The only drawback we can think of is the fact that the adventure is quite short. But that makes it no less worth experiencing.


Best games – Astral Chain

The Astral Chain game is in many ways a remarkable Nintendo Switch game, exclusive to the platform is available. The game is set in the future, in the multicultural city called Ark. Residents suddenly get to deal with all kinds of monsters from other dimensions. The monsters are too strong for the ordinary police and therefore a special task force is created: the Neurons. These are specially trained police officers who can cope with the modern threats in the world.

As a player you can choose between two playable characters that you can customize yourself, a male or a female person. The character that you do not choose will be found in Astral Chain as your younger twin brother or sister. In addition to this character you also get control over the Legion. These are special creatures that are chained to you and can help you fight monsters from another dimension. In addition to helping with the various investigations and puzzles, they are also excellent partners during the many battles.

You will have to divide your time between investigations and fighting. Because the title is made by PlatinumGames you can assume that the promotion is okay. It is not brainless button rams: you have to stay with it and pay attention to what is happening, so that you can realize unique collaborative actions between your character and the Legion. PlatinumGames has previously worked on well thought-out and unique action games such as Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: players of those games know what to expect.

And somewhere again, and we mean that purely positively. The combat is so unique that we have not encountered it before in the games of the Japanese developer, so that the whole game feels fresh and new. Moreover, the setting is also quirky and cool and there are more than enough ideas to keep you busy for hours. The mission structure might have been slightly better and the limitations of the Switch may also be technically opposed, but these are really no reasons to skip a game like Astral Chain.


Gears 5

When you are not familiar with the Gears of War series, you will probably not understand much of the story. This sequel to Gears of War 4, which was released in 2016, continues where the storylines had gone, so you may not be familiar with all kinds of intrinsic motivations. Does it matter? Yes and no. The single player of the Gears series is solid and fans of the series like to see how the events unfold. But for new players there is fortunately more than enough to enjoy.

Although this is a sequel, the story stands on its own with enough twists and turns – so you just enjoy it enjoy, Winking and references to the past are not for you. Then you have to do it with the characteristic and robust gameplay of Gears 5, which is just as cool as before. The formula, sitting behind walls and just popping, is thickened this time with some rpg elements and exploring open worlds. With that, the series officially participates in modern game trends.

In addition, it is great that third-person shooter (the camera then hangs behind the character) Gears 5 offers enough ways to play and you can put your own stamp. Then, for example, by testing the aforementioned, light-weight RPG elements, but also by trying out other modes. You can play the story on your own and explore cooperative modes with your friends, but you can also play online against and with friends and strangers in competitive or less fierce games. Fans know what to do with this.


Catherine: Full Body

A game like Catherine: Full Body is not for everyone. That may be a strange opening in an article about “the best games of the moment”, but niche games are also entitled to attention. Publisher Atlus classifies the game as “action adventure” and “survival”. In the core of the game’s context, that may be true, but in fact you are dealing here with an extensive dating sim with a lot – really a lot – of puzzles. And yes, not everyone understands that combination, but don’t put Catherine: Full Body aside.

In the game you meet Vincent, who is in relationship with Katherine. They have been together for five years and she is ready for the next step. He doesn’t, and meanwhile cheats on Catherine. Lost in his disagreement over his own cheating, he finds comfort with a third woman, Rin. That does not make the situation any less complicated. Meanwhile, Vincent finds himself in strange nightmares in which he has to climb for his life. These are the puzzles in the game. They may look simple, but they can make your brain crack.

Whether you have already played the game or not, there is plenty to do. So now a third character has been injected into the story. You might expect the story lines to run less pleasantly, but developer Atlus shows that this really doesn’t have to be the case. In addition, old players who have played the game on PS3 or Xbox 360 can count on more puzzles. Those puzzles do not change much in design and the view can become a bit annoying over time – but the challenge is not.


Daemon x Machina

Daemon x Machina is also an exclusive Nintendo Switch title that is all about cool mech battles. You take control of a character who steps into a large mech suit and fights against corrupt, artificial intelligent mechs: in fact, robots that are revolting. The mech you enter is called an Arsenal. The Arsenal can be designed entirely by picking up the weapons of your enemies and adding them to your own – it comes – arsenal. This way you remain constantly active, even after the fighting.

Of course in this Japanese game you will be confronted with a story in which the fate of the world is at stake. It is now more than a known element that is used in video games, but luckily it does work: so while playing there is something at stake. Unfortunately, the story is a bit slow to get going and is rather unnecessarily complicated, so the game may not be appreciated by everyone. But if you come for the action, then that is also the reason in which you want to continue playing.

The long story tells us that the mission structure suffers, so that you sometimes have the feeling that you are just being kept busy. But hold on, because the action is lurking. And when Daemon x Machina gets going, you will soon forget that slow moment. With a solid gameplay basis, ample customization options and promising online components, the Switch has a nice exclusive – but we sometimes see that it has some technical difficulties with it.


Best games – Wolfenstein: Youngblood

It is the year 1980. Spy and resistance fighter BJ Blazkowicz successfully halted the Nazi regime in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. At the time of that previous game, his wife was still pregnant with their twins. They are now adult women, Soph and Jess, who have been trained by their parents to defend themselves against the Nazis. After their father suddenly and without notice goes to Europe to fight the Germans still present in Paris, the twins go after their father.

It is refreshing to be able to play with a female character in a Wolfenstein game. The game is designed for two players. The second character can be computer-controlled, but can also be controlled by another player. So Soph and Jess fight through the still-occupied Paris. The city is divided into different areas, in which you regularly return to perform other missions. That provides extra gameplay, but can also cause unnecessary stuffing or confusing assignments.

It is a bit strange to travel to the same place to kill a Nazi leader while you a hundred meters away you have just defused bombs and have left again. Fortunately, the enemies are interesting enough and you gradually unlock more weapons and forces, so that the combat varies reasonably. Developer MachineGames has made a number of crucial changes as a result of criticism. For example, bosses of certain levels were suddenly much more aggressive than the enemies in between.

If you died, you had to start the level again with much less ammunition. Also some enemies apparently could tolerate many bullets before they finally perished. The Blazkowicz sisters shout out how cool they are, which can often seem annoying. The latter has remained unchanged, but the other changes have really benefited the game. For a game that is fun to run with two players, Wolfenstein: Youngblood offers a surprising amount of content.


Best games – Greedfall

The game Greedfall is an RPG (role playing game) from the old stamp. In essence, this is a nice and very extensive RPG in which the player is central. You get a task and you go out into the world, in this case an island where magic reigns. The place is full of hidden secrets and impressive monsters. Ultimately as a player you have influence on everything and everyone around you. This way you not only determine the fate of the island, you also determine what you do with your companions: do you keep them as a friend and get enemies?

Striking about Greedfall is that you not only does it exert influence on the world around you with magic and brute force, you also have to use a certain form of diplomacy. This means that you can complete many missions and assignments in different ways. The outcome of that mission, in turn, influences your relationships and even complete fractions. In addition, it is nice that you can play with a character that you can adjust yourself: you determine the gender and appearance, as well as the skills and of course spells.

On paper, it may all sound very simple. However, this is the type of game that you must experience to see what it has to offer. For example, fans of Bioware will immediately feel at home with the options presented, while Fable players can go wild in personalization and get lost in the magical world. There is some unnecessary stuffing here and there (it is just a rpg) and there are some technical problems, but otherwise this is the rpg that you want to play right now.



When you start the game Control, it looks like you are entering the middle of the story. A daring move from developer behind Max Payne and Alan Wake, because this can lead to players who have no idea what’s going on and decide to quit. But it can also make you want to know why things happen that happen and why you have supernatural powers and a living gun. In this review we therefore do not want to tell too much about the story; you want to experience this for yourself.

Control does a lot of things right. The story is mysterious, but entertaining enough to continue. That is because the main character makes comments in the cut scenes and during play that remain stuck. Because what does she mean? The story is therefore the strongest point of this game. Not that the rest is bad, you know. The shooting feels satisfying and the options regarding personalization (upgrades for your gun, for example) are also available. The basis is therefore solid.

However, you feel here and there that things are not going well. For example, the level design is sometimes a bit boring and the Metroidvania aspect works, in which you constantly have to go back to previously visited areas. In addition, boss fights can take a long time. However, if you struggle through it and look through the technical imperfections, then you have a game that leaves a special impression. And such an impression is unfortunately not so often found in video games. But we are happy that it has been left behind.


For some games it is important that you make clear to yourself what exactly you find important in a video game. That does not mean that you have to overlook all kinds of technical flaws, of course, but that does mean that you can live with certain aspects and still enjoy a visual story and extensive gameplay options. We must state that the Oninaki rpg is such a game. We see the love that has been put into the game, but we also notice that some things are not going very well.

Is that why you should leave Oninaki behind? Certainly not. In this game you play with a Watcher who is able to make souls of Daemons manifest. In traditional role playing concepts, these are the classes of the characters, who determine what you can and cannot do. Each Daemon has its own weapons and skills and players can switch between them in real time. That way you get a better grip on the situation and you don’t have to determine in advance what you want to invest in. It is an interesting system that we do not often encounter.

We would like to remind you that when you give Oninaki the chance, you really get a cool game with in-depth storylines and fights. It only takes a while before the story starts. Also the side missions do not do us much. But at the end of a game session we notice that we can’t wait to explore the world, get to know more characters and deal with more Daemons. This is a game for RPG enthusiasts; if you are not part of it, then this may not be for you.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

One of the most remarkable titles in the PlayStation 3 library is without a doubt Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. This is a top-level role playing game. Not only because of the impressive visuals, but also because of the traditional fighting system and the breathtaking world. This is a Japanese rpg that you can put in for tens of hours and still can’t see everything – and now you can play this game (again) on PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch.

[19659004] We have played the PlayStation 4 version; so this is the remaster, as they call it. In Ni No Kuni you will experience the heart-warming story of a young man who explores a world that does not seem strange to fans of the work of Studio Ghibli. The given now only comes out stronger now that we can play it in 4k on the PlayStation 4. The game has not looked so good before. So if you haven’t played it yet, please do so on PlayStation 4.

Although the combat system feels both fresh and authentic, we also notice that there are a lot of systems that might be a bit overwhelming for the less seasoned player. Good news for them, because it is not mandatory to get the hang of everything to bring the game to a successful conclusion. But that does mean that the game may become a bit too simple. So it is a matter of balance and the value that you as a player depend on. Apart from that, this game remains one of the best and most beautiful jrpg’s ever made.

PES 2020

Although the battle between FIFA and PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) becomes less intense every year when you look at arguing fanboys, we notice that game developer Konami time and again competes with Electronic Arts. And with good reason, because FIFA is the king of football games. This has been a question mark for many years on the editorial board. Because if you look at the core of the game, football, then PES delivers time and time again the better experience with a tighter game and gameplay that is much more strategic in nature.

Fortunately, Konami has implemented enough changes this year. For example, the one-on-one game has been redesigned with the Finesse Dribble system. By using the right analogue bat more often in these situations you gain access to subtle moves that can surprise your opponent. You also notice that giving a large pass is more exciting. Not only does a header feel much more powerful, the defender also has more to offer. Certainly at higher levels of difficulty you notice that defenders use their entire body.

Perhaps the most important change (in terms of gameplay) is that you have to play much more carefully, without this having to be more careful at the expense of the pace and the strategic game. The accuracy of players when they pass or shoot decreases in specific situations, for example when they are not directly aimed at another player. So you cannot push the button thoughtlessly and it must keep an overview at all times. Furthermore, the Master League now feels a bit more personal than the year before.

In addition, it is good to see that Konami has also looked at the artificial intelligence of computer-controlled opponents. The other team reacts less frequently in the same way, so you have to constantly change your approach yourself. Moreover, the new camera also helps to give the nice feeling that you get when you are watching a real football match at home. In short, a lot has changed in gameplay, but not elsewhere in the game. Nevertheless, we can heartily recommend PES 2020.

Torchlight II is a re-released version of the same game from 2012 and is set in a fantasy world where you can play with four different characters with their own classes, each with different skills and abilities. The plot begins with the destruction of the city of Torchlight at the hands of the Alchemist and lets the self-chosen character follow the Alchemist, who is leaving a trail of destruction, while looking for a cure for his illness that has driven him insane. [19659004] The story is a lot longer than the story of the first part and takes you through many different landscapes. New are the different hubs in each chapter, where you can come back to sell or improve your collected gear. Just like the original Torchlight, Torchlight has 2 randomly generated dungeons (so no dungeon is the same, so you constantly explore a different environment) that the player can explore, and countless types of monsters to fight for experience and shoots.

In part two you can now choose from four playable character classes. Each class comes in three different variations, so you can go wild with different playing styles. There is the Engineer, a melee hunter. Very nice to play with his or her turrets and health bots. The Outlander is a wandering nomad who uses distance weapons and “low magic”. De Berserker uses rapid attacks and special powers with animals. The Embermage is a highly trained spell-casting class with elemental attacks.

A game like Torchlight is of course even more fun to play with friends, but the first part did not have this function. The developer then listened to fans and the press, so in Torchlight 2 you can now play online with four players. Torchlight 2 builds on a very nice game and adds a longer and more fun story and larger areas to explore, multiple new gear classes to play with and the ability to share the fun with friends. If you liked the first part, then this game is four times more fun.

Doom 1, 2 and 3

Although we can really enjoy the latest Doom games that you can play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (and even the Nintendo Switch), nothing beats the first three games in the series. Those games will always have a special place in the heart of many gamers, due to the tight, fast gameplay, the excess of violence and the kick-ass music. For those people, it should also be nice to see Doom 1, Doom 2, and Doom 3 re-released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, it is so that the first two games have quite a few technical flaws that we unfortunately cannot always ignore. We do not state that the games are unplayable, but you must bear in mind that the experience will not be flawless. Nevertheless, it is great to play these games mainly on the Nintendo Switch, so that you can also play while on the move. The technical quality of Doom 3 is much better and runs smoothly. But if you then buy one, then buy them all: this is how you get game history.

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