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Best games of the moment – Part 10 (spring 2019)

Best games of the moment - Part 10 (spring 2019)
In 10th Best games of the moment overview we will discuss the best games available this spring on Xbox One (X), PlayStation 4 (Pro) and Nintendo Switch.
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In this overview we will discuss the Best games of the moment that you can play this spring on your Xbox One (X), PlayStation 4 (Pro) and Nintendo Switch. In this article we look at Devil May Cry 5, Kingdom Hearts 3 and Metro Exodus, among others. You can read Best games of the moment series here.

Best games of the moment : Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 is truly one of the best games of the moment. The style of the unprecedented action in this video game is unparalleled. From the first moment you are thrown into the action and it only stops when you have finished the game. The story is just as cool: years after the legions of hell have arrived on earth, a new, demonic danger presents itself. The fate of humanity lies in the hands of three demon hunters all of whom have a different fighting style (which is good for the necessary variation in the game).

From a distance, games like Devil May Cry to be superficial button bashers but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, from the moment you pick up the controller, you immediately have to deal with a depth that you can only see coming as a fan of the series or the genre in general. All three characters have so much depth that they could all fill their own game. Moreover, the story is also full of plottwists: you may see them coming, but that does not make it any less cool.

As with the other parts in this series, players can also count on new difficulty levels. That is desperately needed, since you can finish the story in 15 to 20 hours. These types of games rely heavily on being able to play (off) again; for an even faster time, even higher score and even higher and more combos. The higher levels of difficulty ensure that new playing sessions can feel fresh, as it is made increasingly difficult for you – this is sometimes on the verge of sheer insanity.

We think that Capcom, the developer of Devil May Cry 5, could have gone away. come with a much simpler sequel in this series. It would not have been strange if this fifth part would take a safer approach by putting familiar gameplay in a more modern way. Instead, we not only get the familiar gameplay from Nero and Dante, but also the new way of playing that character V brings. In short: do you like hack ‘n slash games, the Devil May Cry series or games in general? Check out this game.

Best games of the moment : Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Forget everything you know about Dark Souls or Bloodborne. This newest game from From Software tests your martial arts in a completely different way. As a personal bodyguard and shinobi (ninja), Sekiro must protect a Japanese heir to the throne. The prince is besieged because of his magical blood, with which immortality can be realized. From the moment Sekiro was brought back to life by the prince after a deadly battle, the ninja has the power to rise again from the dead once.

As a player you will often need this power. The fighting system has been completely overhauled. In games like Dark Souls, you have to rely on a fast-paced role to avoid attacks. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you have to go against attacks by enemies. Parry and block as many attacks as possible and you fill a special meter of an enemy. When it is full, the enemy is prone to a deadly counter. Because you as a player have the same meter, you cannot continue to attack endlessly.

This creates a combat dynamic that works great and has never been shown in games. It causes hectic battles that sometimes literally sparks. You will be working on this system from the start. This is desperately needed, because the enemies are merciless. It is almost impossible to catch your breath. The completely different bosses test the player in all sorts of ways. Fortunately, there are enough checkpoints available, which also gives you the chance to explore the beautiful Japanese environments.

This pays off, because a handy object can be hidden behind every corner. Sometimes you will find special prostheses. Because Sekiro lost his left arm in an earlier fight, he has a mechanical arm to which all kinds of weapons can be linked. This way you can attach an ax or a pitcher and there are also options that make defending a bit easier. Defeating a big enemy is perhaps even more satisfying than ever. Moreover, there are hardly any games where sword fighting is as well developed as in Sekiro.

Best games of the moment : Resident Evil 2 Remake

For the remake of Resident Evil 2, publisher Capcom combines the basics and graphics of Resident Evil 7 and the classic action, exciting exploration and extensive puzzles from the older Resident Evil games. Just like the first time this story was told (on the first PlayStation) we play with the now starting agent Leon S. Kennedy. Together with student Claire Redfield, the characters must survive in Raccoon City, a famous city in the series where a certain virus causes people to turn into zombies.

Both characters have incidentally also their own campaigns, so that you could view the story from two sides afterwards. The gameplay is not only characterized by the complicated puzzles and the shooting at zombies. In the meantime, you are also being chased by a large, mysterious creature. You can do two things at that moment: either you empty your warehouse on him or you make you leave. If you want to survive then there is really only one option. Every time this man comes into the picture, your buttock muscles tighten considerably.

So there are few times when you can really sit quietly on the couch while playing Resident Evil 2 Remake, because you have no idea when that guy comes around the corner again (or runs through a door). All in all, the remake of Resident Evil 2 is the perfect Resident Evil game: it’s exciting and sometimes scary, but above all entertaining and crammed with secrets to discover. In addition, this game is also very characteristic for 2019, because we don’t actually encounter this type of game that often anymore …

Kingdom Hearts III

More than ten years after part two, Kingdom Hearts III has finally been released. After completing the story we can say that part three was worth the wait. Kingdom Hearts is a crossover of various Disney properties in a fictional universe. The series revolves around the main character Sora and his journey with various Disney, Final Fantasy, The World Ends with You and Pixar characters. The heroes of the series collide with the multiple incarnations of the primary antagonist Xehanort during the series.

The story has a few weaknesses, but in this third part almost all the storylines of all the games released in the series come together to a nice end. Some of Sora’s dialogues and interactions with other characters feel a bit weird and exaggerated, but that doesn’t take away from the rest of the many scenes. If you are a newcomer then we can imagine that it is a bit too much . All the chosen worlds seem to have been taken from the films where they came from.

Kingdom Hearts III sharpened the fighting and controls so that everything went smoothly. It takes the best ideas from previous games and implements them in a way that is fluid and intuitive. For example, Sora can still do team-up attacks and improve his Keyblade during the fight. And Square Enix has given it a fantastic twist. Each blade comes with at least one unique second shape and sometimes a specific type grand magic . Luckily there is a lot of variation in the many battles.

Some enemies can cause an Attraction attack. If you activate it, the attack literally takes the form of a Disney amusement park ride for Sora and friends to use to fight the enemy. Think of the Mad Hatters Tea Cup Ride, or a large pirate ship that rocks back and forth and beats enemies. It sounds crazy, but fits perfectly with the game. All in all Kingdom Hearts III has the best gameplay of the series, we get answers to old questions and there is still room for a surprise.

The Division 2 –

In the series of best games of the moment, next is The Division 2. The first part of The Division appeared in 2016. The reception was poor in the beginning, with the activities in particular quickly becoming repetitive and the endgame content too poor. Developer Massive Entertainment really did not sit still and continued to work on the game. The game got considerably better over the years and remained very popular. Now there is The Division 2. The game is no longer set in New York, but this time in Washington. Does Massive Entertainment take the strengths of the first part to The Division 2?

The Division 2 takes place half a year after the previous part. Washington, too, appears to have been affected by the virus, which means gangs are now serving in the city streets. The game is a real action rpg. You play from a third person perspective and you can rise to level thirty. You can follow a full storyline including main and side missions and you can again collect many collectibles. The Dark Zones are back too. In these areas you will find the best lottery ticket, as well as other human players.

Then there is the player-versus-player mode called Conflict. Loot plays an important role in The Division 2, so you will find better weapons and equipment every time. The endgame after level 30 (World Tiers) is better this time, but still lacks a real goal. Massive Entertainment will continue to update the game in the coming period and provide it with new missions, so that’s nice to know now. In fact, The Division 2 is not very different from the first part. Did you not like the first part? Then you don’t like this game either.

Did you have a lot of fun with the first part? Then you can blindly buy the second part and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of the city of Washington, which has been recreated one-on-one. It is really delicious to walk through the deserted streets. The level of difficulty seems to have been considerably increased compared to part one. You can go through the game completely solo, but it is certainly advisable to join a clan. Not only do you get much more out of the game in terms of content, but collaboration has become even more important in The Division 2.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown – Best games of the moment

Enthusiasts of the Ace Combat series have had to wait for years, but Ace Combat 7 has finally appeared. In this jet simulator you can enjoy two modes: the single player and the multiplayer. The story mode proves that Ace Combat is not really a series for every type of gamer. Although it is still fairly calm in the beginning, you soon encounter vague dividing lines between good and evil in a worldwide conflict that forms the basis for the graphically beautiful aerial combat.

And although it concerns us is completely right with those air battles, it is the story that you could criticize the most. However, since this game is of Japanese origin and we are now dealing with part seven, you should not be surprised when you think you are dealing with an anime. There are of course the necessary twists in the story, but that actually keeps it interesting to us. Moreover, the game looks very nice graphically and we enjoy the high frame rate.

Not everything about the story missions is equally good. It may be that you can throw a spanner in the works of computer-controlled team mates or a (somewhat tight) time limit, which means that you would have to redo part of the mission. And although those moments can be frustrating, we are happy to jump back into the familiar deep to bring the mission to a successful conclusion. The controls take some getting used to, especially for newcomers. Nowhere does Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown present a comprehensive tutorial.

But as far as we are concerned, that does not spoil the food. Because we have now arrived at part seven, you can expect that your players are familiar with the subject. The multiplayer should have been a little more exciting and more hectic for us, but otherwise Ace Combat 7 doesn’t disappoint. By the way, don’t forget the overlapping Aircraft Tree: a point system with which you can unlock parts and new planes by playing both single and multiplayer. Yes, we are happy with this new part.

Metro: Exodus – Best games of the moment

If you are already familiar with the previous Metro games, then you know roughly what you can expect from Metro: Exodus: more exciting battles, atmospheric locations and a will to survive that you say against. Metro: However, Exodus throws the basis of the game upside down and introduces an adventure that is just as wide as the whole of Russia. Main character Artyom and his group of survivors must exchange the Moscow Metro for unknown territory and go on an adventure in a post-apocalyptic version of mother Russia.

In addition to the fact that Metro: Exodus is a first- is a person shooter (where you look at the action from the eyes of the main character), Exodus is above all a game in which you have to survive with minimal resources. The levels are non-linear, so you can go wherever you want at many moments. As a result, this Metro game also feels different from its predecessors, since the claustrophobic narrow corridors of the previous parts have been largely traded in for open environments – which gives room for more tactical gameplay.

The makers Metro: Exodus also do more things differently , which also makes this part feel very ambitious. The game is not only much larger, it is also much more varied. And although you often walk through the large landscape on your own, you gradually get connected with the other characters. There is also room for that: you can drink, smoke, make music and more with them, while you are all on board the train. The best moments of Metro: Exodus, however, are still underground.

Jump Force – Best games of the moment

Jump Force is next in the series of best games of the moment, Jump force is a fighting game that can best be classified as a guilty pleasure. When you look at the other games on this list you may wonder what this one is doing here, but give us a few minutes to explain. In Jump Force, various heroes from Japanese manga magazines come together in our world to face each other in three-to-three battles. Of course, everyone ultimately fights with the common goal of saving humanity from ruin, because it is and remains a Japanese video game.

This is a game for Japanese manga and anime enthusiasts. The characters have not looked as tight as in this game and that unique style provides a nice connection between all different fighters, from series such as Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. Ultimately, of course, it is about whether the fights are cool and the gameplay is solid. And while there are better fighting games for the latter, these fights are great fun to play. And you know, not every fighting game needs to be like Dragon Ball FighterZ right now.

Jump Force is full of a large number of fighters, spectacular attacks and a combat system that luckily is easy to learn. No, it’s not terribly profound, but those were not the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games, for example, and you can really enjoy yourself with that. The lack of originality is not the only thing that holds back the story, the long loading times and sometimes weak scenes do that. Fortunately, there is another online versus mode that you can lose yourself in, so don’t write this game off immediately.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – Best games of the moment

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition is a remake of a game that was made ten years ago appeared on the market. The original Tales of Vesperia was seen by many people as one of the best “Tales of …” games, but was by no means accessible to everyone. The game appeared in Europe in 2009 for the Xbox 360 only, but a release on PlayStation 3 was only released in Japan – including exclusive content that was not playable here. That has now changed with Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition has polished graphics, all content of the Japanese version for the PlayStation 3 (including a new character) and both English and Japanese voices. And the good news is that the game is now available on all platforms. Everyone can now enjoy Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, but is the remake of a 10-year-old game still fun to play? The story is not: what starts as a small quest to catch the thief quickly turns into an attempt to save the world.

The story revolves around Yuri Lowell, a former soldier, who initially has to go after a thief who has stolen a valuable source of energy (Blastia) from the poor part of the city. Many Japanese RPGs get going slowly, but Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition grabs you right from the start, and then doesn’t let go. Despite the polishing, the graphics are somewhat outdated. Yet this is certainly not disturbing and at times it seems as if you are playing in a good Japanese anime.

A Japanese rpg of ten years old, you quickly think of a turn based combat system. That is not the case here. The fights are in real time, but it is soon to be seen that the combat system cannot go along with that of, for example, Final Fantasy XV. It works, but the animations are woody and the fighting is anything but smooth. However, if you take this into account, Tales of Vesperia offers you a beautiful world to discover, with memorable characters, humor and enough content to keep you entertained for dozens of hours.

Anthem – Best games of the moment

In Best games of the moment series next is Anthem. In Anthem, from famous rpg -maker Bioware, players take on the role of a Freelancer. Heroic adventurers wearing powerful exosuits to protect humanity from the threats outside the walls of their city. The title of the game refers to the Anthem of Creation, a mysterious force that is responsible for most of the extraordinary technology, phenomena and threats in the world. The Freelancer is charged with stopping a villain named The Monitor of seizing the Anthem.

Despite a few notable moments, the story is a fun experience, even though it sometimes feels meager. The missions you do can use a little more variety, but the gameplay itself is well put together. Flying is very cool, since you are a sort of Iron Man. The steering is excellent and within no time you make daring turns through caves before falling into a group of enemies. There have been games that attempted to give the feeling of being a mechanized, flying badass but Anthem beats them all.

Anthem’s combat is also excellent . There are thirty different guns that all feel different. You also have skills that look more like magic spells. It feels great to crawl into a group of enemies, throw a poison bomb, get a good shot with your gun and then destroy an enemy with a sword. Like Mass Effect, enemies have armor and shields and you can use different elements to create combos that are more or less effective depending on the type of enemy.

It’s nothing new, but everything feels intuitive, uses a punch when it should and feels strategic enough to remain interesting for many hours. All good things, but there is a very big downside. The loading times. These can sometimes take more than a minute. In any case, a good foundation has been laid for a game that has more to it than it now shows. We agree on the things that other media write about Anthem, but we cannot deny that we have had a good time with it for several hours.

Far Cry New Dawn – Best games of the moment

A little less than a year after the successful launch from Far Cry 5 Ubisoft releases a new part in the Far Cry series. New Dawn is not part of the numbered series, but fits more in the series of spin-offs (Blood Dragon, Primal) that the studio has released. Blood Dragon and Primal take place in a distant future and a distant past, respectively, and both do not have much to do with the story of 3 and 4, but New Dawn only takes place about two decades after Far Cry 5 and is also more of a continuation. Kind of then hey.

Spoiler for when you haven’t played Far Cry 5 yet: a few nuclear bombs went off at the end. The world was in pieces and almost everyone died. But not everyone! The main characters have survived the explosions miraculously. In New Dawn we see how people in this new world are trying to pick up again, but a new gang of bad guys wants to put a stop to it and steal everything. This time you are not playing with the deputy from part five, but with someone who has been brought from far to help these people.

The new enemies are very different from the sect from part five , but luckily just as annoying that you want to get rid of them. In New Dawn you now have a basis from which everything is arranged. You also have to upgrade this gradually to get and make better perks, vehicles and weapons. You do this as usual by conquering outposts. At those outposts you steal ethanol, which you need for the upgrades. It is not very extensive, but it feels good in this world that you are building.

Combat is of a good level like in every Far Cry and the different weapons feel better with every higher level you make to. There is always plenty to do even on the condensed card; you can play it all again in co-op, and it can still be a fun time for fans who just want more of what they have received before. If you have not been so happy with the Far Cry series since part four and you have not enjoyed part five, then this is not the game for you – this is a game for fans of Ubisoft games.

Trials Rising-

In the series of best games of the moment, next is Trials rising. When we think of the older Trials games, we think back to simpler times. Times in which achieving the fastest time was the only goal, while we balance our engines in the air after overcoming yet another obstacle on the road. That moment when you realize that you don’t get far in the game when you don’t dare to take risks and that slow driving is a deadly sin. Trials Rising goes back to those times by introducing new tracks and even a whole new cooperative mode.

Let’s be immediately clear: Trials Rising brings exactly what the seasoned fans of the series want . Expect crazy jobs, the idea that you sometimes have to perform unimaginable stunts and the feeling that you really did something today. Trials Rising is a black hole like a video game that can sometimes be: if it doesn’t work, you keep trying until you have crossed that one hill. Unfortunately, there are also loot boxes present in this game, with a content that you will generally not be able to use.

But in the end those loot boxes do not define the experience of Trials Rising. It’s about that pure gameplay experience that you only find at Trials: the gameplay that takes physics seriously into account and the anticipated difficulty level that can get the best out of a gamer. Moreover, the controls are really solid, so you can’t blame them when things go wrong. This game is primarily intended for the veterans of the series; newcomers may be best able to practice with the earlier parts first.

The LEGO Movie 2 Videogame –

In the best games of the moment  (part 10), last one is The lego movie 2. With the arrival of the second The Lego Movie, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, the accompanying game naturally comes with it. The game begins when the alien monster invasions have left Bricksburg in ruins. It is now up to Emmet and a large number of heroic characters to transcend their world and save their friends from the strange inhabitants of the Systar system. You travel to all locations from the film and meet, or defeat, the characters who have also made the film fun.

The Lego Movie 2 Videogame takes a different approach this time than the previous game. Where you follow a level in almost all previous games, in this game you are thrown into an open world and you complete missions there. It all looks very much like Lego Worlds. It fits well with this game, because building is really central. By completing those missions you will get the Master Bricks you need to unlock the following worlds. In addition to the main missions, there are a handful of side quests to tackle.

Fights are fortunately simple. You can still die without consequences, but you will lose a few stones (so-called studs). Fighting now charges a round meter under your character, and once full you can unleash a destructive attack that makes a master builder proud. A handy attack and a nice addition to your arsenal. The boss fights are also nicely worked out, with fun and relatively challenging puzzles and large levels where you often have to climb all the way.

The drop-in / drop-out local co-op is again present and works exactly the way you want it would expect, so it is an ideal family game. It’s always nice to work together in Lego games and that hasn’t changed with The Lego Movie 2. With a view to the target audience and the 40-euro price point, the Lego Movie 2 Videogame is a game worth considering for fans of the movie, Lego, or gaming with friends and family. Moreover, it is nice to see that the standard pattern has once been set aside for a new approach.