Best active bookshelf speakers, according to EISA

Best active bookshelf speakers, according to EISA - The world's leading independent jury of consumer electronics technology specialists has given its verdict:

The world’s leading independent jury of consumer electronics technology specialists has given its verdict: The Sevens are the best active bookshelf speakers of 2023.

Under a vintage style inspired by their consecrated Heritage, these speakers stand out both for their design and for offering detailed, bass-rich sound, in addition to having customizable settings through their application. They offer complete connectivity and support for playing high-resolution music.

Klipsch, a company specializing in sound equipment and solutions, has just received recognition from the Association of Image and Sound Experts (EISA) experts for The Sevens as the Best Active Bookshelf Speakers in the Home Theater Audio category.

Composed of sixty large technological publications belonging to more than 29 countries and with more than 40 years behind it, EISA has highlighted in this 2023 edition the good work of the established sound expert company through this renowned product.

A first-class sound

With a vintage look and large size, The Sevens are active speakers whose strong point is the ability to offer surprising spatiality and clarity of sound. To do this, they use cutting-edge components and technologies, such as their tweeter, that, through the brand’s patented Tractrix technology, improve performance and sound transfer to listeners. This is also joined by a midrange and bass speaker that incorporates a 6.5-inch cone made of carbon fiber.

Advanced sound optimization

They also stand out for their advanced way of proceeding since they can separate sound signals before amplification, translating into precise sound response optimization. Additionally, the amplification is adjusted individually for each speaker, offering superior performance. They have an internal amplification of 80 watts for the midrange and bass speaker and 20 watts for the tweeter.

Multiple connections

They consist of six different inputs to adapt to all audio sources: a USB port, an RCA connection with phono preamp for turntables, stereo jack input for portable and fixed sources, digital inputs, and an HDMI television port. They also have Bluetooth technology and a subwoofer output.

Simplicity of use

Its control is simple since it consists of the controls necessary for its operation at the top of the main box. At the same time, it can be carried out through the remote control that comes with it or, if desired, it is possible to obtain them through the Klipsch Connect application that, among other functions, adjusts the equalization and location to optimize acoustic response.