Bergmann Audio Modes: Air-bearing record player

The Danish manufacturer Bergmann Audio launched its new product named as Bergmann Audio Modes that is Air-bearing record player

The Danish manufacturer Bergmann Audio has specialized in the design of turntables with air-bearing turntables and tonearms. With the Bergmann Audio Mode model, there is now a new turner.

Bergmann Audio Modes: Technology

While the successful model Galder can accommodate four tonearms, the Bergmann audio modes are limited two tonearms. The owner is free to choose whether it is a tangential tonearm from Bergmann Audio or a classic radial tonearm between 9 and 12 inches from any manufacturer.

The chassis is milled from solid and stands on three height-adjustable feet. The aluminum plate weighs 7.5 kg and is centered using a steel spindle floats on an air cushion. This is intended on the one hand to minimize bearing noise and on the other to achieve the best possible decoupling from the environment. The turntable is driven by a belt from a DC motor with – according to the manufacturer – “high-precision motor electronics”.

The back of Bergmann Audio Mode – Scandinavian simplicity is the order of the day

This electronics resides in one as well as the voltage and air supply separate housing. The supply unit should be so quiet during operation that it can be placed in the listening room without any problems. An even air flow is emitted through an air expansion tank, an air filter protects the interior from dust particles.

The turntable is available now, the price does not include the tonearm.

Bergmann Audio Modi price: 6,950 euros