Battlefield V will contain two in-game currencies

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EA recently confirmed that Battlefield V will contain two forms of in-game currency. You earn the first currency while you play the game and the second you receive when you spend real money. Both currencies are not yet provided with a name, but it is already clear what they serve in the game. The currency you buy with real money can not be used to buy in-game benefits.

As EA has indicated at the press conference, the game will not be ‘pay-to-win’ and so you have to play to earn points, with which you can unlock better weapons and items. The currency that you bought with real money, you can use for cosmetic items, which will play a big role in the new Battlefield game.

Since the Season Pass has been removed and one is do not want to use the pay-to-win principle, the extra income from cosmetic items has to be met. This may give Battlefield a somewhat less mature appearance, as this often means that special skins are introduced.

Battlefield V is in stores from 19 October.