Bang & Olufsen launches high-end soundbar with the Beosound Theater

Bang & Olufsen launches high-end soundbar with the Beosound Theater which unite all aspects and power of a versatile home cinema in one device.

The Beosound Theater is a high-end soundbar that should unite all aspects and power of a versatile home cinema in one device. Bang & Olufsen has the ambition to deliver the world’s most powerful and immersive soundbar.

“With the Beosound Theater, the concept of cinema sound in the living room is given a completely new definition. The immersive atmosphere of a multi-speaker setup is condensed into one soundbar that seamlessly connects to any screen, thanks to the powerful sound, advanced technology platform and modular design,” said Kristian Teär, CEO of Bang & Olufsen.

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Theater is equipped with 12 loudspeaker drivers, two of which are custom 6.5″ long-throw woofers, in addition to an amplifier power of up to 800 watts. This should be good for a sound pressure level of 112 dB for a powerful and immersive cinema experience. The custom-built center channel manages speech intelligibility. The tweeter is mounted right in front of the midrange for this purpose. The alignment of the drivers ensures better sound distribution so that the sound experience is top quality according to Bang & Olufsen for everyone present, with optimal speech quality thanks to sophisticated directivity.

Three-dimensional sound

On board we find Beam Width and Beam Direction Control of the BeoLab speakers for a three-dimensional sound direction. Nice to know is that the soundbar is partially modular. The soundbar comes with ‘Mozart’, a software platform from Bang & Olufsen with which you can seamlessly connect the soundbar to all products from 1986. In addition, the soundbar covering is replaceable. A room calibration can be easily done via the accompanying app for optimal sound.

The Beosound Theater is a powerful all-in-one solution, but is also suitable for use as a specific sound center, which creates new possibilities for developing your own home cinema. With seven built-in outputs and support for up to 16 external speakers, the system can form the core of a full-fledged Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 surround configuration.

Price and availability

The Beosound Theater is a real high-end soundbar. At launch, this model is available from 6,490 euros. And yes, that price is not a typo. Are you going for the motorized TV stand and the soundbar? Then you quickly tap the 8,000 euros.