AVC-A1H AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in

AVC-A1H AV Receiver with HEOS® Built-in: Denon AVC-A1H: 15 channels of amplification to enjoy a sound and visual spectacle

Denon AVC-A1H: 15 channels of amplification to enjoy a sound and visual spectacle

It is the new jewel in the crown of the Japanese firm. An advanced engineering AV amplifier, designed to experience sound like never before and rediscover music and movie collections in large rooms. To do this, it uses the most advanced technologies such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D, IMAX Enhanced or Audyssey room equalization. In addition, it allows the management of 15.4 channels of amplification and offers a power per channel of 210W.

Denon, a leading manufacturer of premium home entertainment and personal audio products since 1910, has just introduced the AVC-A1H. Thanks to its advanced engineering, this new 15-channel AV amplifier achieves a professional home theater experience, allowing you to rediscover your movie and music collections, listening to them like never before.

For this, it has been equipped with the most powerful transformer of the brand, parts that have been carefully selected and a robust and highly rigid construction. In addition, it allows you to enjoy a new level of 3D audio entertainment with capacity for a speaker configuration of up to 9.4.6 and a power per channel of 210 W, being a firm commitment to robustness, since it weighs 32 kilos in order to to avoid vibrations.

Immersive 3D sound

With this amplifier it is possible to feel all the dimensions that Dolby Atmos offers. And it is that it allows you to update the home theater through a 9.4.6 speaker configuration to enjoy a fully immersive 3D sound experience with Dolby Atmos content. Specifically, the Dolby Surround upmixer acts on all speakers to create a sensation of 3D sound with older content. It even creates a height effect, even if you don’t have a 5.1.2 system. In addition, it is possible to enjoy Dolby Atmos music tracks available on Apple Music, Amazon HD, TIDAL or any compatible streaming device.

The DTS:X audio codec, meanwhile, places sound where it would naturally be in space, creating a realistic, multi-dimensional listening experience. In fact, the DTS Neural:X upmixer increases the sense of immersion and realism of older content. Plus, it provides immersive sound without height channels, creating virtual height effects in a 7.1, 5.1, or 2.1 speaker setup.

Clearer, brighter images

With the Denon AVC-A1H it is possible to enjoy the most advanced home entertainment experience thanks to IMAX Enhanced, a new DTS technology that sets a new standard in terms of image, sound, spaciousness and clarity for home theater. It also provides clearer and brighter images, immersive and impressive sound and the highest quality content digitally remastered by IMAX. In addition, it is possible to enjoy the IMAX Enhanced experience from a 5.1.4 speaker setup. Of course, it requires a television or projector compatible with IMAX Enhanced.

In a bubble of natural sound

This new amplifier consists of Auro 3D that takes the home theater experience to spectacular levels because it not only provides exciting three-dimensional sound with music, games, TV and movies, immersing the user in a natural sound bubble, but also allows you to enjoy an Auro-3D experience with the existing audiovisual collection thanks to the Auro-Matic mixer.

Even, through 360 Reality Audio technology, it allows you to immerse yourself in a sound as real as if you were in a live concert or with the artist while recording in the studio.

Audyssey room equalization technology

The new amplifier uses Audyssey’s suite of equalization programs to offer simple and precise setup and calibration. Using the supplied measurement microphone, Audyssey calibrates all home theater speakers and adjusts the amplifier to deliver the most optimal and consistent listening experience in every room. Plus, it features Audyssey MultEQ XT32 room equalization technology.

Meanwhile, with the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app, you can go even further by accessing advanced options that allow you to make more detailed adjustments to more precisely tailor and personalize the sound based on specific room issues and individual preferences. This comprehensive application allows you to harness the full potential of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 for complete control of your home theater sound. The app can be purchased on iOS and Google Play.

AL32 Processing Technology

AL32 Processing is a Denon-exclusive analog waveform reproduction technology that enables up to 192 kHz sampling rate and 32-bit upscaling on the amplifier. It completely suppresses noise associated with D/A conversion to reproduce low-level signals with optimum clarity that brings out all the delicate nuances in music.

Accurate and evenly distributed bass

In turn, the Denon AVC-A1H is equipped with up to four subwoofer outputs that optimize low frequencies and improve dispersion. There are no audible peaks or dips, just powerful, room-filling bass, and it allows you to adjust the subwoofer settings to your liking when more than two are connected. In this sense, it is possible to select “standard” if you want an even distribution of bass, or “directional” for a more directional bass reproduction and perfectly integrated into the speaker channel closest to each subwoofer in the room.

preamp mode

Denon’s new AV amplifier can function as a perfect AV preamplifier with the latest HDMI connectivity. In fact, Preamp mode provides a cleaner signal path and higher clipping level tolerance when disconnecting the internal amplifiers. In addition, it allows you to disconnect certain speaker channels in order to use the amplification built into the AV amplifier to power the less critical channels, thus obtaining a clearer signal path for channels powered by an external amplifier.

Outstanding image quality

In the visual section, it offers impeccable 8K image quality with the television or an 8K projector. In addition, it supports both 8K pass-through and 8K upscaling of 4K content, and is compatible with HDCP 2.3, the latest copy protection standard, for smooth playback of copy-protected content.

On the other hand, compatibility with Dolby Vision allows you to enjoy this content from sources and televisions that support it, and it is an exceptional HDR image processing technology that provides extraordinary colours, contrast and clarity to the screen .

The ultimate gaming experience

On the more playful side, the Denon AVC-A1H offers VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), QFT (Quick Frame Transport) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) to ensure smooth, lag-free gaming when connected to devices. of compatible games.

Music in any room

Thanks to HEOS@ Built-in, this system can wirelessly stream music through compatible HEOS components from many free and premium streaming services. It also allows you to enjoy music in any room wirelessly and it is possible to play the same song in all rooms or select a different song for each connected room, using a variety of streaming sources. Any Denon Home speakers in other rooms can be controlled using the HEOS app.

HDMI connectivity with ARC/eARC

All the inputs, as well as the HDMI output that it has, are compatible with the most advanced technology. Specifically, eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) allows HD and 3D audio such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS HD Master Audio, and Dolby Atmos to be transmitted, and ARC (Audio Return Channel) is limited to conventional 5.1-channel audio formats. or PCM.

Upgradable with Dirac Live

The interaction between the sound system and the physical structure of the room has a great impact on sound quality. That’s why it’s been equipped with Dirac Live® room equalization, which applies state-of-the-art proprietary algorithms to digitally analyze and reduce room impact and improve speaker performance.

Finally, Denon’s award-winning Setup Wizard provides clear and easy instructions to get you up and running. Simply connect the amplifier to your TV and follow the instructions on the TV screen to connect your speakers, take speaker measurements, and connect your source devices. And for added convenience, the amplifier automatically renames the HDMI inputs after connection, although it is also possible to do it manually.

PVP Denon AVC-A1H: 6,999 euros (VAT included)