Autonomous robotic lawn mower Toadi launches next month

Autonomous robotic lawn mower Toadi launches next month. At launch, the mowing robot costs 2,990 euros to 3690 euros.

robotic lawn mower Toadi launched: The Belgian company behind Toadi wanted to do things differently from others. The technology behind the classic mowing robot is already 25 years old and something had to change. Toadi uses a camera to drive around the garden autonomously and can also use it to secure the garden. A big advantage of the camera is that you don’t need a perimeter cable that can break easily. The mowing robot will always choose the most efficient and safe way to mow the grass.

The mowing robot can maintain up to 4,200 square meters in different zones and mows in straight lines. Thanks to the intelligent software, lawn edges are recognized and the mowing robot knows where it can and cannot drive. People and other objects are also recognized and the mowing robot will simply drive around them or choose a different route. So you will never be hit.

At night, Toadi goes into special safety mode. Are intruders detected? You will immediately receive a warning. The infrared night vision camera can capture intruders up to 15 meters and takes photos that are sent to your smartphone. And does the intruder want to take the mowing robot with him? A loud alarm should prevent this.

Price and availability

On March 16, Toadi will launch the first official version via an online event. You can already reserve the mowing robot. At launch, the mowing robot costs 2,990 euros. You can also opt for the Pro version for 3,690 euros. More information can be found on the company website.