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Audyssey MultEQ: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Audyssey MultEQ: What Is It and How Does It Work?
The Audyssey MultEQ technology is incorporated in many receivers, especially you have noticed in AV receiver but what is it exactly and how does it work?
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When you are looking for an AV receiver for your home cinema system, chances are that you will often see the Audyssey logo. In particular, the Audyssey MultEQ technology is incorporated in many receivers, but what is it exactly and how does it work?

What is Auddyssey?

Audyssey is a company that deals with sound. To be precise; the optimal reproduction of sound in any room. The disadvantage of home cinema rooms is that each room has different acoustics and therefore deals with sound differently. Audyssey therefore develops various technologies that make it possible to solve problems with the acoustics in rooms. According to the company, this brings the audio reproduction closer to what the director or musician had in mind.

Audyssey MultEQ

You will find Audyssey MultEQ on many mid-range and high-end A / V receivers. This is software developed by the company that makes it possible to adjust a home cinema system (receiver and speakers) to the acoustics in the room in which it is placed. Receivers equipped with this are supplied with a microphone that, after all speakers have been connected and placed, is placed at various points in the room. These points are the listening positions in the room. Six listening positions can be analyzed with MultEQ.

Audyssey MultEQ

The receiver then ensures that a certain test tone is output from each speaker in turn. This tone is picked up by the microphone placed in the room and sent back to the receiver. Audyssey’s software then processes this tone and analyzes how the room affects this tone. This includes looking at the time, the distance to the loudspeaker and the frequency response. The last step is that the Audyssey MultEQ software ensures that speakers and receiver are optimally adjusted to the relevant room for better audio reproduction. In simple terms, the software ensures that you can solve the acoustic problems that the room offers without having to adjust the room.

Multiple versions

Audyssey MultEQ comes in several versions, but for the average home cinema user the above is more than enough to know. Nevertheless, we serve you the other versions. There is MultEQ XT32, the most advanced and recent version of the technology. The idea is the same, only the control and analysis is much more extensive and therefore more accurate. More than eight listening positions can also be analyzed. MultEQ XT is comparable but slightly less extensive. Both MultEQ XT32 and MultEQ XT can be calibrated by a professional Audyssey registered installer. A stripped-down version of MultEQ as discussed above is 2EQ. This version is only suitable for adjusting satellite speakers, not the subwoofer. A maximum of three listening positions can be analyzed.