AudioSolutions Virtuoso B compact speaker launched

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B compact speaker launched for the price of 9,500 euros. Here you will read a short intro of the speakers.

AudioSolutions, based in Lithuania, develops and manufactures loudspeakers – and over the years has brought a considerable range of models in various price ranges onto the market. We have also tested several AudioSolutions loudspeakers, the last one being the one Virtuoso M.. With the AudioSolutions Virtuoso B there is now a new compact loudspeaker.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B: Technology

The “B” stands for Bookshelf, but should not only offer the classic advantages of a compact loudspeaker (keyword: approaching the point sound source), but also with substantial bass.

Both the smallest and the youngest AudioSolutions loudspeaker are a Three-way system, in which the bass from 500 Hertz downwards is emitted by a 19 cm downfire chassis. A 16.5 cm midrange driver with a membrane made of “special paper”, as AudioSolutions calls it, is responsible for the frequency range from 500 – 7,000 Hertz. And the higher frequencies up to 30 kHz are covered by a 3 cm dome with a silk fabric membrane.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B: also available in unusual colors and finishes, here are a few examples

AudioSolutions indicates a very high sensitivity (91.5 dB / W / m) and a maximum power handling of 260 watts. Worth mentioning is the crossover that is actually made three differently coordinated points (Transition frequency / slope): Users can choose between the presets “Balanced”, “Moderate” and “Enhanced”.

As always with AudioSolutions, there are not only standard colors (black, white, gray and silver), but also various individual designs that can be produced on request.

Optionally available, for an additional charge of 3,000 euros, are feet specially tailored to the speakers.

AudioSolutions Virtuoso B price: 9,500 euros