Audioplatform AirPlay 2 arrives in July at Sonos speakers

Audioplatform AirPlay 2 - Sonos announced during a presentation that the company's speakers will be provided with support from 2 in July.
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On Wednesday night, Sonos announced during a presentation that the company’s speakers will be provided with support for the Audioplatform AirPlay 2 in July. That is the multiroom audio system from Apple, where several manufacturers can make speakers. You must have iOS 11.4 installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Audioplatform AirPlay 2 on Sonos speakers

Sonos has let you know when Apple’s audio platform is available for its speakers. AirPlay 2 is available on Sonos after a free software update in July. With the audio system, users can play music and podcasts from their iOS devices directly on their Sonos speakers, including Netflix movies, YouTube videos and more. Speakers that support the latest AirPlay 2 update include the new Sonos Beam which was also announced on Wednesday evening at the same event.

Also the Sonos One Playbase and the second generation Play: 5 are fortunately not skipped. Moreover, with only one supported speaker, it is possible to stream AirPlay content to other Sonos speakers in the system. Customers who enjoy Apple AirPlay 2 on Sonos will also receive a new voice experience with the addition of Siri. Ask Siri to play tracks, albums, or Apple Music playlists on Sonos. There you need iOS 11.4  that update is already being rolled out.