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Audionet Planck 2 and Art G5: CD player

There is exciting news from Audionet. Two new CD players are on the program, whereby “CD player” almost means understatement: No expense or effort was spared to get the best possible from the Redbook standard.

Audionet Planck²: technology and concept

This CD player, large in the picture above, is the successor to the successful Planck model. He comes with you again improved CD drive as well as modifications to the electronics and the circuit board layout, which – according to Audionet – should not only result in improved measured values, but also significantly improve the sound quality.

The housing is made entirely of non-ferromagnetic metal and has an integrated Fine slate donated – for the best resonance properties. The 23 kilograms live weight of the device are certainly evidence of the special design effort.

For the D / A conversion, discrete output modules with Class A drivers are used, according to Audionet, while the current-voltage converter is equipped with temperature-stable precision resistors. The ambitious converter section can also be addressed from the outside, because it stands three digital inputs ready (USB-B, S / PDIF optical and coaxial). If you like, you can also tap the digital signal of the top loader drive equipped with a puck, three S / PDIF outputs and an AES / EBU out are available for this. And – logically: There are both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (Cinch) outputs for the converted signals.

The price of the Audionet Planck² is 14,490 euros.

Audionet Art G5: The little brother

The Audionet Art G5 in the front view

The Audionet Art G5 is priced a little cheaper, but also equipped with ambitious technology. This top loader has a resonance-dampening mix of materials MDF, aluminum and granite as well as a 10 millimeter thick, Teflon-mounted aluminum sliding cover. The Philips reference drive VAU 1254 / 31LF is used in conjunction with a precision puck.

Further technical delicacies are a complete DC coupling without capacitors in the signal path, digital outputs that can be switched off, separate power supplies for reading and converter units and precision clock generators. This turner for silver pieces also has various digital inputs and outputs for flexible use as a converter and / or drive.

Audionet Art G5 price: 8,490 euros


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