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Audiolab DC Block: Line filter against DC offset

With the DC Block, the British manufacturer Audiolab is introducing a compact line filter that primarily takes care of high-frequency interference and DC voltage components and minimizes them. It can be loaded with up to 600 VA for a short time.

Audiolab DC Block – Backgrounds

The Audiolab DC Block is a classic, passive noise filter that minimizes the so-called DC offset. It is well known that electricity is getting “dirtier” due to the interference from other devices, but also due to the increasing use of inverters (photovoltaic systems).

According to the German Audiolab distributor IAD, non-linear loads could cause a DC voltage offset, which would bring transformers in particular to their performance limit more quickly, and mechanical and electrical hum interference could result from this.

The DC block from Audiolab is used between the socket and the end consumer

The Audiolab line filter is simply clipped into the existing network cabling. It filters high-frequency interference and removes DC voltage components. By using the DC Block, Audiolab promises an artifact-free sound image as well as significantly improved fine dynamics and spatiality.

Audiolab DC Block price: 119 euros


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