Audiolab 9000 Series Integrated Amplifier

Audiolab 9000 Series Integrated Amplifier launched. It is a powerful high-performance audio system available in the markets

starting from legacy of its legendary 8000 series original and the most recent 6000 range, the renowned British firm Audiolab has just launched on the market what is undoubtedly its most exclusive proposal to date: the 9000 series, consisting of the stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC 9000A and the high precision CD transport mechanics 9000CDT. As befits its status as Audiolab’s flagship, the new 9000s pack a spectacular range of technical refinements that allow them to display some unbeatable performance within the achievements of its category. Conceived to become the nerve center of a high-performance stereophonic system, the 9000A it is more powerful and versatile than any of the models that preceded it. It fuses, under a purist soul conception and with the complement of a distinguished aesthetic, analogue (new phono section included) and classic high-level digital connectivity with wireless connectivity (Bluetooth aptX HD) for portable devices and an exclusive dedicated headphone amplifier. .

The available power is 100 watts continuous in Class AB per channel into 8 ohms, accompanied by the dynamic capacity that has brought Audiolab so much fame, while the DAC section combines the celebrated “chip” with 32-bit technology Saber ES9038PRO from ESS Technology and analog circuitry with Complementary Feedback topology (CFB). As far as digital compatibility is concerned, the 9000A can play files encoded in PCM up to 32-bit/768kHz, DSD up to DSD512 and MQA. The new Audiolab is Roon Tested, while its management by menus from an elegant and generous display screen with IPS LCD technology provides the user with a great capacity for customization. Perfect complement to the 9000A, the 9000CDT is a CD transport mechanism designed for demanding audiophiles who want to get the most out of the dean of digital audio formats.

To do this, mount a optical reading block of high precision that, acting jointly with an intermediate stage of data, allows, when drastically reduce errors reading, capture all the subtleties contained in the “grooves” of ones and zeros of a compact disc. On the other hand, and in order to ensure that the signal that reaches the DAC is as pure as possible, the coaxial output of the 9000CDT is fed by a differential line driver circuit. As for the crucial master clock, it is controlled by an extremely precise quartz oscillator that ensures extraordinarily low jitter levels on the digital outputs. In the mechanical field, the Audiolab stands out for its transport block low-friction with charging tray, mounted in its own shielded enclosure against electromagnetic interference and with a dedicated power supply, to which must be added the aluminum construction of its base and chassis. To finish, let’s point out that the 9000CDT is compatible with multiple formats files -WAV and WMA included- thanks to its USB-A port.