Audio-Technica AT-LP2022 Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable

Audio-Technica AT-LP2022 Fully Manual Belt-Drive Turntable is launched and will be available from November 1, 2022 for €1,199.

Audio-Technica Introduces AT-LP2022, a Transparent Limited Edition Turntable

60 years of sound perfection

To celebrate 60 years of providing high-quality audio products to the world, Audio-Technica has introduced the stylish AT-LP2022 turntable. With only 3,000 units available worldwidethe LP2022 is a collector’s item for audio lovers and the limited edition Shibata stylus that accompanies each turntable ensures that it will be a valuable addition to any audiophile’s collection.

A sleek 30mm thick clear acrylic chassis reduces resonance and exposes the belt drive motor, bringing out the analog sound of the turntable. As a high-end model, the AT-LP2022 features a pure phono level output that can be connected to either a phono input or a dedicated phono preamplifier.

The internal motor, visible through the striking acrylic, is controlled by a sensor that causes the LP2022 to maintain a precise and constant rotation speed of 33-1/3 or 45 rpm. Combined with highly insulated, height-adjustable feet, it provides the ideal platform for your favorite albums.

The fruit of 60 years of phono cartridge development, the clear-body Shibata stylus installed in the AT-VM95 cartridge can pick up ultra-high frequencies that unlock unprecedented sound. In addition, the adjustable VTA (vertical tracking angle) and dynamic anti-skate control on the carbon fiber arm ensure that the turntable can be used with alternative cartridge heights and weights.

On the occasion of the launch of the AT-LP2022, the President of Audio-Technica Corporation, Kazuo Matsushita, said: “It is an honor to be able to provide a quality audio experience to millions of people around the world. What starts as a simple vibration – a subtle movement – ​​gives rise to an emotional connection, whether it’s listening intensely to an album or sharing your voice with the world.”


  • Limited edition turntables to celebrate Audio-Technica’s 60th anniversary
  • Only 3,000 units of the AT-LP2022 will go on sale
  • Each AT-LP2022 has a unique serial number
  • Includes a 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical stylus, plus a limited edition clear barrel Shibata stylus
  • Fully manual, belt-drive operation with two speeds: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm
  • The motor is equipped with a speed control system to keep the rotation speed of the platter constant with great precision.
  • Carbon fiber tonearm with metal base and tonearm riser, and VTA (vertical tracking angle) adjustment
  • 30mm thick chassis made of high-density, low-resonance clear acrylic
  • Clear acrylic platter for stable rotation
  • Adjustable dynamic anti-skating control
  • Exclusive feet design with great isolation and height adjustable
  • AC adapter performs AC/DC conversion outside the rack to reduce noise in the signal chain
  • Includes dual RCA (male) to dual RCA (male) stereo cable, 45rpm adapter, and removable hinged dust cover

The Audio-Technica AT-LP2022 will be available from November 1, 2022 at MSRP of €1,199.