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Athom launches web app for Homey smarthomehub

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Athom launches web app for Homey smarthomehub : The Homey Web App has been developed as a powerful tool to access your Homey, according to Athom. The hub comes to life on a large screen, which is especially interesting for real power users who use the hub to control their entire home. The Web App can be used in addition to the existing mobile app.

Athom launches web app

Via the Web App, which can also be placed on your iPad or Android tablet as a Progressive Web App (PWA), for example, you can directly operate all connected devices in the house in a modern and clear view. The interface shows many similarities with the mobile app in terms of structure, but is simply much easier to use on a large screen. This way you can change the color of a lamp without having to leave the screen and you can navigate through your house more easily via an overview of zones / rooms.

The Homey Web App is still in the testing phase. This means that not everything may work smoothly and not all functions may be available. In addition to overviews of favorite devices and flows, an overview of devices per room and the flow editor, you have access to Homey Insights. Here you will find the data from all your sensors and devices. In the future, HomeyScript and the Energy tab will also be available.

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