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Athom introduces support for KNX for Homey

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Athom, the company behind smarthomehub Homey, today released support for KNX, a home automation standard. With the integration, these systems are easy to integrate with the thousands of other products the hub works with.

KNX integration for smart home hub Homey

Athom, the company behind smarthomehub Homey , today released support for KNX . KNX is a wired standard in the field of home automation. With the integration, these systems are easy to integrate with the thousands of other products the hub works with. These are mainly newer, wireless smart products, such as smart thermostats , switches, sockets, (color) lighting and entertainment. Founders Emile Nijssen and Stefan Witkamp say about this:

We want everyone to enjoy the fun, power and versatility of Homey. Because of this, [eight] wireless technologies and more than [four hundred apps] are already available to users. [The hub] thus serves products ranging from cheap smart plugs to advanced smart thermostats and Spotify Connect speakers.

KNX is one of the oldest home and building automation techniques. This means that it is already installed in many homes and buildings. However, with age come a few drawbacks. First, it is mainly wired, which makes it less flexible. In addition, it requires a professional to install and configure. It is expensive to add to a new home – and certainly to an existing home. So this is more of an option for the people who have already invested in this.

You can do this with KNX for Homey

  • Control KNX devices from anywhere in the world: Homey acts like a KNX server or visualization. You can easily control all your devices, independent of brand and technology – from anywhere in the world.
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home for KNX: Homey already has integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Both can be used to control all your devices, including those on KNX – at no extra cost.
  • Combine KNX devices with other gadgets: Homey works with thousands of devices from hundreds of different brands. By combining them with your KNX system, you create a single environment for your entire home. Control KNX, Somfy, Sonos, Sunway, your TV, Philips Hue, Z-Wave and all your other gadgets together from one app.
  • Cross-technology automation: KNX devices now work with Homey Flows. Use KNX buttons to also switch on your Sono speakers or IKEA Tradfri lamps. Or use a Fibaro motion sensor to switch your KNX lighting when you walk by. Scenarios can also be added by technicians and users – without the need for specialist software.
  • Easy upgrades for KNX houses: Expand a current KNX house with new wireless products. Easily add them to your setup without having to break open walls or spend thousands of dollars on installation.
  • No additional costs: There are no costs related to the use of the KNX for Homey. The hub and any KNX / IP interface or router is all you need.

Because setting up such an interface or router can be difficult, a collaboration has also been concluded with Weinzierl. For example, a starter package can be offered. Install the gateway, hang it on your network via the supplied LAN cable, and then add it to the round hub. The special kit is available for 170 euros. In combination with the smart home hub, you end up with an amount of 469 euros.

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