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Asus ZenBeam Latte is a compact projector and bluetooth speaker

Asus ZenBeam Latte is a new compact projector and Bluetooth speaker (two in one) announce by ASUS At CES 2021 of the size of latte.
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At CES 2021, Asus announced a compact projector that is no bigger than a latte: the Asus ZenBeam Latte.

The Asus ZenBeam Latte resembles a small robot with a single eye, which is completely covered by a layer of fabric. The mobile projector is able to present an image in a resolution of 720p, with a maximum number of lumens of 300. In addition, the device contains a 10-watt speaker from Harman Kardon. The design resembles a large cup of coffee; possibly reminiscent of a latte macchiato.

The Asus ZenBeam Latte

You could argue very well why the Asus ZenBeam Latte does not look like a cup of coffee (the color does not match in many cases and the design is in fact upside down), but the idea behind it is somewhere nice. And you have to think of something for your marketing, of course. In addition, Asus makes another striking claim. This would be the first projector to be fitted with a fabric casing. However, Xiaomi was rather with a projector that is soft on the outside.

In any case, the Asus ZenBeam Latte is able to process images in different ways. You can connect devices via the HDMI input on the back, but you can also choose to control it wirelessly. Then you can project the images from your phone or tablet onto the wall, for example.

The Latte’s built-in battery should last three hours, thanks to its 6,000 mAh capacity. That’s enough for a normal movie or a few series episodes; You probably won’t be able to watch Avengers: Endgame with it. The projector presents an image of up to 40 inches in size at one meter and otherwise 80 inches in size at two meters. There is also the option for 120 inches, probably three meters away, but the question is whether you want that with a resolution of 720p.

The device should be released in the US in the second half of 2021.

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