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As a restaurateur, how do you ensure well-being with good audio?

Tips and advise: This article will guide you regarding As a restaurateur, how do you ensure well-being with good audio?

A shot advise for restaurateur to make ensure that they are offering well-being with good audio

As a restaurant visitor, one thing is clear: you want to be able to chat in peace while eating, but at the same time find yourself in a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Good service and the friendliness of the staff determine whether guests ignore small mistakes or waiting times. Finally, the feel-good factor is decisive – and this can be positively influenced with relaxed background music. The ELA 100V loudspeakers, which you can use.

Things to know about using the ELA 100V loudspeaker in case of well-being with good audio

When it comes to acoustics and loudspeakers, it is important to use the right type for the respective purpose.

What type of loudspeaker is the ELA 100V?

The ELA 100V is available in different versions: from ceiling installation to ceiling installation via wall loudspeakers etc. This model is designed to optimally distribute sound over distances or in large rooms. Classic areas of application are office buildings, shopping centers, sales rooms, schools, restaurants or sports facilities as well as exhibition halls and public facilities. All around all places where it is important that background music, but also loudspeaker announcements are made in high quality and without background noise.

How can the ELA 100V be used in gastronomy?

Your concept is decisive for this: if you are looking for design, large speakers can be a good element due to their size and appearance, but they don’t go with everyone. If you are more about discreet and inconspicuous speakers, placing them on the ceiling in the corners of the room or on in-ceiling or in-wall speakers is a good choice – these are mounted directly in the ceiling or wall. The advantage here is that the customers hardly notice them and rather convey that the music comes out of nowhere. This method is therefore recommended for restaurants that focus on simple elegance in their concept.

How do you calculate the optimal number of ELA 100V for a restaurant?

Before setting up and aligning the loudspeakers, a specialist should measure the area to be covered. The number and orientation of the speakers can vary due to the size of the room and the performance. It is important to clarify whether all areas should be exposed to the same sound or whether some areas should be exposed to less or more sound. After these points have been clarified, assembly and alignment follow. Basically, it can be said that you should ideally plan a volume of 50 to 60 dB for your restaurant.

well-being with good audio? Tips for choosing speakers

There are a few rules of thumb to make the best possible use of the acoustics in rooms and to distribute the sound. In summary, these are:

  • The loudspeaker must match the amplifier.
  • The size of a speaker is not critical – it depends on the quality.
  • Think about the meaning and purpose in advance – do you have a more subtle or extroverted concept?
  • Ask a specialist – they will help you calculate the optimum sound reinforcement.

If you follow these tips as a guide, you increase the likelihood that your guests will feel comfortable and will be happy to come back to eat with you. The employees and, last but not least, the company benefit from the good sound and satisfied customers.