ARCAM launched home theater solutions : AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41

ARCAM launched home theater solutions with models of AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41 amplifiers with price range of 3,199 to 5,399 euros

ARCAM launched home theater solutions: ARCAM AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41: new sound dimension for home cinema

Magnetrona company specializing in the distribution and marketing of sound equipment and solutions, has just presented the new ARCAM launched home theater solutions: AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41.

These are complete and versatile AV receivers that allow the user to fully experience the latest audiovisual technologies while enjoying the exciting musicality that the firm is capable of offering. All this thanks to the incorporation of advanced features such as compatibility with images in 8K resolution at 60 fps.

All four models stand out for incorporating full HDMI 2.1 connectors, in addition to their compatibility with audio technologies and codecs such as AURO-3D, Dolby Atmos, Vision Dolby, EDE:X, HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.3 and HDR10+. Similarly, they are compatible with Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth with aptX HD, Google Chromecast, MQA, Spotify Connect, Ron and TIDAL Connect.

As for digital-to-analog conversion, ARCAM has provided them with two ESS9026PRO audiophile DACs, along with ESS reference voltage voltage regulators.

ARCAM launched home theater solutions : AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41

The importance of space

Even if the room is equipped with the latest connectivity, the acoustic characteristics of the room can affect the sound quality delivered by the system. That’s why ARCAM has included a calibration microphone and the advanced room correction system Dirac Live. Thanks to this, the four devices can provide a sweet spot of greater amplitude, precise staging and greater quality and intelligibility of the voice.

All of them have also been prepared for Dirac Live Bass Controla system that automatically optimizes the low-frequency performance of the speakers.

ARCAM launched home theater solutions : AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41

ARCAM launched home theater solutions: ARCAM AVR11 and AVR21

Regarding the amplification, both AVR11 as AVR21 They feature seven channels of class AB power amplification, with 7×85 watts and 7×110 watts per channel (with all channels active), respectively.

Specifically, the AVR11 unit offers native 12-channel decoding, while its older brother adds four more channels, which translates into being able to work with up to 16 channels. The latter, in addition, adds one more HDMI output to the two that the first one already has, which means being able to have a zone 2 configuration.


Meanwhile, the team AVR31 It has been equipped with seven class G amplification channels. The system has multiple amplification sources in order to alleviate any power problems that the device may have. This means that if the AV receiver receives a dynamic signal that exceeds the capacity of the first power source, the secondary source gradually adds up to the maximum power rating as needed. In the end, the result is a powerful yet efficient AVR that uses additional power only when needed. In addition, the new receiver stands out for offering seven amplification channels, being able to work with up to 16 channels. In addition, it has seven HDMI 2.1 inputs compatible with 8K@60fps and 4K@120fps, as well as three HDMI outputs with the possibility of managing a second zone.

ARCAM launched home theater solutions


For its part, ARCAM AV41 is a high-performance AV processor that enables incredible home theater experiences. Its rear panel provides balanced XLR outputs to connect up to 16 channels to the corresponding power amplifiers. Designed like the rest for maximum music and movie enjoyment, it pairs perfectly with the PA720, PA240 and PA410 power amplifiers.

Finally, earlier models of these receivers, AVRS 10, 20, 30 and 40, they will continue to be available for some time, allowing users to choose between a system with or without 8k, depending on their needs and tastes. Also, within this line, the model is available AVR 5an AV receiver capable of decoding up to 11 channels and compatible with Dolby Atmos, which integrates a class AB amplification system.

RRP Arcam AVR11: 3,199 euros (VAT included)

RRP Arcam AVR21: 4,599 euros (VAT included)

RRP Arcam AVR31: 6,899 euros (VAT included)

RRP Arcam AV41: 5,399 euros (VAT included)