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Aqualisa introduces a smart mixer for the bathroom

Aqualisa launches the new Smart Quartz Collection in the Benelux. It comes with a smart mixer tap to make the bathroom smarter. The tap must be easy to install, but it has been developed by and for installers.

Aqualisa Smart Quartz

The Aqualisa Smart Quartz mixer tap has a special design and helps to use water more sustainably. For example, the tap has an E-Ecomode, but also a self-cleaning function and a timer to ensure that you do not spend too long in the shower. There is room for several profiles, with which each family member can create their own shower profile.

A teenager does not stay in the for too long because of the timer shower, while a small child can shower safely by setting a limit on the temperature in the profile. You can even install an Aqualisa mixer for older people, for example, and see in the app whether they are showering. For people who want to know exactly what each shower costs, there is a financial picture of what the costs are per shower per person.

Hey Google, turn on my shower

The electronic mixer contains Wi-Fi, an app and voice control. The Aqualisa Quartz Collection is the first on the market with voice activation. This allows it to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest. “Hey Google, turn on my shower” will work soon. Aqualisa Head of International Development, Zoe Nguyen: “This innovative step is just another step in our mindset to always come up with innovative technologies. Electronic mixer tap technology has been around since 2001, we were the first manufacturer to enter the market with it and we think countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands are now ready for it. Especially because houses will be built smaller and everything will become smarter. ”

There is an electronic mechanism in the crane called SmartValve, which can be installed within a perimeter of 10 meters. This can also be done in the ceiling or in a cupboard. Unlike a classic thermostatic valve, the valve of the SmartValve ™ mixes the water electronically. Only one pipe goes to the hand or rain shower. If there are several outlets, a diverter is available. According to Aqualisa, this means a huge cost reduction in accessories and installation hours for the bathroom.

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