Apple wants one subscription for video, magazines, music and iCloud

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A new rumor has appeared about an all-embracing Apple subscription, which includes video, magazines, music and iCloud. When this large subscription has to appear and how expensive it is going to be, it is unfortunately not yet known at the time of writing.

All-embracing subscription from Apple – rumor

About Apple there are currently many rumors related to (managing) content and entertainment. For example, the company from Cupertino has to work on a subscription for news and magazines, which should be published next year. Meanwhile, there seem to be plans to combine that content with the video content that your company has swallowed up and is making. A new rumor, reported by The Information now states that this content will also be merged with Music and iCloud from the company.

Apple may not have been so much involved in drafting all the details, since nothing has yet been announced about a prize and what you can expect from the large package. Previously, video products such as Planet of the Apps were presented via iTunes and the music streaming service of the company. With multiple options for different types of subscriptions, many more types of products can be offered. The largest users of all these services may then benefit from the large subscription.