Apple TV offers support for Dolby Atmos with TVOS 12

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Good news for film fans with an Apple TV. Apple has announced the support for Dolby Atmos yesterday. The American manufacturer brings this support in the latest version of tvOS, the operating system of the Apple TV that will make it possible for working of Apple TV on Dolby Atmos with TVOS 12

Dolby Atmos with TVOS 12

Apple lets on WWDC 2018 know that the owner of an Apple TV soon their films, series and send other content in Dolby Atmos to their home cinema system or receiver. That is not all, however, as the company also says that everyone’s iTunes library will be automatically and freely provided with Dolby Atmos, provided the content offers Atmos playback of course.

Dolby Atmos is Dolby’s latest surround audio format. This format uses speakers that are above the listener and thus add a height effect to the surround experience. Although physical speakers above the listening position offer the best experience, the height effect can also be simulated. We also see Dolby Atmos back on soundbar systems.