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Apple TV app available for Chromecast with Google TV

Apple TV app is available now for Google Chromoecast with Google TV which is claimed to be a lighter and more user-friendly.

The app gives you access to a video streaming service, among other things Apple TV +. The service offering is presented alongside competing services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video within the Google TV interface.

Apple TV app from Google TV

Google TV is a modified version of Android TV, which is only available on the Google Chromecast with Google TV. That version of the operating system is marketed as a lighter and more user-friendly version of Android TV.

The interface presents content from multiple sources side by side on the main screen, so you don’t have to open all apps first to see what you can watch. Within the settings you indicate for which services the software can make recommendations. Apple TV is now one of the possibilities.

You can see the content of Apple’s video streaming service among the recommendations and you can select movies and series that you include on your watch list. That is your personal overview of content you want to watch, regardless of the video streaming service.

Google TV is planned to come to other devices as well, such as televisions and media players. At the time of writing, the Apple TV application is already available on many of those devices, so you don’t need the Google TV update for that.

Furthermore, Apple’s app is available on a variety of other devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Roku and Amazon’s streaming devices. Recently Apple announced that anyone with a free annual subscription, that subscription will remain available until July 2021. That is at no extra cost.

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