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Apple TV + and Apple TV app: everything you need to know about the new service

Apple has finally presented its own video service. video streaming plans consist of two parts; own content as Apple TV + and content from other parties,
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Apple has finally presented its own video service this week. The service will be named Apple TV + and will come to the Netherlands and Belgium in the fall of 2019. In this article we tell you everything you need to know about Apple’s new video streaming service.

What is Apple TV +?

Apple’s video streaming plans consist of two parts; own content in the form of TV + and content from other parties in the form of Apple TV Channels. The TV Channels are actually bundles (or channels) with content from other providers. This can literally be TV channels but it can also be streaming services. The range of TV Channels for the US will immediately be large, including Showtime, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, HBO and Hulu. As a user, you can make a selection yourself and only pay for the channels that you want to watch. TV + stands for the content of Apple itself, so films, series, documentaries and TV shows that were developed and distributed by the American manufacturer. You can subscribe to this service, after which you have access to all content. There will be a completely renewed TV app that comes to iOS, Apple TV, macOS and devices from other brands. It collects television channels, series, shows and films.

To make it a little clearer; TV + is the service on which content from Apple itself appears, TV Channels are channels with content from third parties, the TV app is the app that contains all this content (and the content from iTunes), and the Apple TV is the media player of the company and one of the devices on which the app can be used.

The offer

On the “channel” of Apple itself, TV +, you will find films, documentaries, TV shows and series that Apple developed themselves. An example of this is The Morning Show, a show by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Oprah is also entering into a partnership with Apple and will release various shows on the platform. Director and producer Steven Spielberg will play an important role in the development of various formats. In addition, we can provide unique content from Reese Witherspoon, Octavia Spencer, J.J. Abrams, Jason Momoa, M. Night Shyamalan, and Jon M. Chu are expecting. And is expected to spend $ 2 billion this year on developing its own content. With this, the company wants to compete with services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Apple therefore mainly focuses on self-developed content and therefore deviates from the strategy of, among others, Netflix. Apple does not bet  TV + on films or series from other parties, just like Netflix does. On the other hand, Apple wants to give users access to third-party series and films, but the company does so by integrating complete channels and services, including HBO and Hulu, into the TV app. When users use these services or channels via the TV app – subscribe to them – Apple gets a piece of the pie. Apple therefore wants the TV app to offer users the widest possible range of films, series, shows and documentaries.

The app makes customized recommendations for TV series and films from more than 150 streaming services. such as Amazon Prime and Hulu, and from pay channels such as Canal +, Charter Spectrum, DIRECTV NOW and PlayStation Vue. Also the hundreds of thousands of films and TV series that you can currently rent or buy in the iTunes Store are moving to the Apple TV app.

The Apple TV app

To give the complete range one central place, the TV app completely renewed. The app will get a new menu bar and, like the App Store, will consist of different sections. Films and series include their own section, but there will also be a clear distinction between the Apple TV Channels and TV +.

The goal of Apple is to place all your favorite content in one place, without having to you have to go from app to app. Content from TV channels and other streaming services must therefore also appear in the app. This way you can watch a series of HBO via the Apple TV app. However, this does not apply to all services. For example, Hulu has already indicated that they will show their content via the Apple TV app, but to view it you still need to go to the Hulu app. Netflix has already indicated that it will not play along with Apple. The content of services and channels that are linked to the app will also be shown to you as a user by means of recommendations, naturally based on your own preferences and wishes.

The updated TV app will be available in more than 100 countries, with its own range of services and channels for each country. The app will also come to the Netherlands and Belgium, but which services are linked to the app in our countries is as yet unclear. The new app will be available for iOS devices, the Mac and the Apple TV. The app also comes to products from other manufacturers, including TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG, and media players from Amazon and Roku.

And what about Windows and Android? Apple does not yet know anything about these platforms and a TV app for these platforms therefore seems far away. If Apple wants to reach a large audience, an app for Android and Windows will eventually appear. TV + can also not be viewed via the browser. So you necessarily need the Apple TV app. The app itself is free to install and use, but TV + and the TV Channels have to be paid.

Image and audio quality

All content that you find in the TV app can be viewed offline and online, just as is the case with Netflix. So you can always download all content, probably temporarily. Everything is on-demand (when you want) and without viewing advertisements. The image quality and supported audio formats have not yet been discussed, but Apple promises the highest video and audio quality. Images show movies with 4K and HDR in any case.

The price

The service will be released in the fall of 2019, including in the Netherlands and Belgium. The price has not yet been announced.