Apple sets up strict policies for game streaming services in the App Store

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Apple is very strict when it comes to using the App Store, which in this case comes at the expense of offering services.

Apple sets up strict policies to makes it difficult for other companies

In this case, we are talking about game streaming services, which are not welcome in Apple’s App Store to date. That’s the digital store for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS devices. The company has now changed its policy so that services like Google Stadia , Microsoft xCloud and Nvidia Geforce Now can still be admitted, but when they jump through a huge number of hoops.

Within the guidelines of Apple ‘s App Store you will now find a special section related to game streaming services. Technically, Stadia and xCloud, for example, are now welcome, but each title in the offer must then be submitted and added as a separate application. Each game then gets its own page within the App Store, can be found within the various lists and the search engine, has user ratings, appears on a user’s device, et cetera.

Not only is this an awful lot of work for all game streaming services, Apple is also making it incredibly difficult for consumers with this policy. Imagine having to download every show or movie before you can watch it. In addition, when a game gets its own page, the general rules apply. If such a game offers a digital purchase, Apple will receive thirty percent of the turnover.

Microsoft has said in a response to The Verge that this is very customer-unfriendly. It is also simply not a practical approach for a service that should make offering and playing games more accessible. In addition, there is also a lot of time in the approval process of Apple and every game on such a game streaming service must pass that approval. Next week, Microsoft will officially launch the xCloud game streaming service on Android, but a release on iOS does not seem likely.