Apple reveals HomePod mini officially

Apple reveals HomePod mini officially - a smaller version of the HomePod. The HomePod mini will cost $ 99 in US.
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Apple reveals HomePod mini

Apple reveals HomePod mini :  Apple has announced a smaller version of the HomePod. The HomePod mini will cost $ 99 in the US and will be in stores on November 16. The smart speaker listens to the name HomePod mini and plays audio in 360 degrees. The device can communicate with other Apple devices through the Intercom function.

Apple reveals HomePod mini  – A Competitor to Nest Mini and Echo Dot

With its relatively low price and small size for Apple standards, its position in the market seems clear. The device is very similar to Google’s Nest Mini and Amazon’s Echo Dot. According to Apple, the speaker should excel in the range of sound. The built-in speaker ‘pushes’ sound in all directions for a 360-degree audio experience.

Apple has developed a special S5 chip for the HomePod mini that enables computational audio. That is, audio with artificial intelligence is enhanced for the best reproduction. Audio is checked 180 times per second and adjusted where necessary. Similar concepts are already being used in other smart speakers. Two copies of the HomePod mini can also be linked for the reproduction of stereo sound.

Apple reveals HomePod mini

Intercom function between Apple devices

A new feature for the HomePod mini is the Intercom. This allows the speaker to communicate with other HomePods and Apple devices. In this way you can convey quick messages to people who are in other areas of the house. Only the HomePod will immediately play such a message. On iPhones and other devices, it comes through as an optional notification. The U1 chip should enable the speaker and thus Siri to respond better to voice commands. That chip was already in the iPhone 11 family. With the U1, the location of indoor devices can be accurately determined.

The HomePod mini can also function as a central hub for HomeKit equipment. This way you can control all your smart equipment that is compatible with that system. In addition, Apple announced that it will bring third-party music services to the HomePods. This includes Pandora, Amazon Music and iHeartRadio, but Spotify will still be missing. It is not yet known whether and when the HomePod mini will come to the Benelux. The speaker will also be in stores in France and Germany on November 16. In terms of colors, there is a choice between white and the well-known ‘space gray’ variant.