Apple releasing tvOS 14 for 4th and 5th generation Apple TV

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Apple releasing tvOS 14: Apple has released the update to tvOS 14 operating system for the fourth and fifth generation Apple TV media players.

Apple releasing tvOS 14 now

tvOS 14 brings some significant changes to the Apple TV media player. There is now picture-in-picture, so you can do two things at the same time. For example, you can watch a sports match, while following a workout yourself.

In addition, there is more space for smarthome in the home section of the device. You can now control your HomeKit devices at home from your Apple TV and your own television. It is also true that from now on you can view the images from linked cameras on the large screen in the living room, due to the HomeKit integration. You can also view those camera images in picture-in-picture, while you are watching a movie.

There is also an update for Apple Arcade, the subscription that gives you access to a selection of video games on Apple platforms. There is now support for multiple users, separating progress for each player. In addition, you can now use other controllers for your gaming sessions, such as the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 or the Duashock 4 controllers from PlayStation. Now there is also support for haptic feedback.

In addition, you can set your own screen saver category and watch YouTube videos in 4k.

If you want to download the update for your Apple TV, you can do that by going to Settings> System> Software updates. There, the media player will manually check whether new software is available. If you have not yet received the update, do not worry: you may have to wait a little longer. You can also just do nothing and let the media player do the work itself, because tvOS 14 can also be downloaded automatically. When the next version will be released, has unfortunately not yet been announced by Apple.