Apple introduces Apple AirTag – never lose anything again

Apple introduces Apple AirTag - An important device to use in our daily life as with help it you will never lose anything again

Apple unveiled the highly anticipated Apple AirTag at its press conference in Cupertino today. With these small accessories, according to Apple, you will never lose anything again.

What is the Apple AirTag?

The AirTags from Apple are Bluetooth trackers that you can hang on a key ring, for example, so that you can easily find them when you have lost them. You can find the location of your tags on your iPhone and other Apple devices, provided you are linked to the same account.

With the Find My app on your Apple device, you can find items with an AirTag attached, thanks to the Precision Finding feature. And finding that should be very easy, because arrows on the screen of the iPhone and vibrations will guide you to the right place. However, this only works with the iPhone 11 or later. You can also have the tag make a sound to find it immediately when you are in the area.

The AirTag itself is water and dust resistant. The small disc can be personalized with a personal text or an emoji. Inside is a battery that you can replace yourself.

Price and availability

The Apple AirTag can be ordered from next Friday and will be available from April 30. In the Europe, the accessory will cost 35 euros each. You pay 119 euros per four. In addition, Apple is releasing various accessories to carry the it with yourself (and your belongings) in a beautiful way.

Apple introduces Apple AirTag - never lose anything again