Apple bans apps from the App Store with expensive digital purchases

Apple bans apps from the App Store with incredible expensive digital purchases to protect its customer as per iPhone policy.

There are times when you download an app from the App Store (or Google Play, but we’re not talking about that here) that is free, but then bothered you with trial periods that lead to high-price subscriptions. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you think – and in some cases users have already paid more than once. Apple now wants to put a stop to this, it seems as Apple bans apps who are very expansive.

Apple bans apps to protects users

That says developer Iilia Kukharev on Twitter. In his tweet, he shows that Apple is refusing apps that offer incredibly expensive digital purchases. Digital purchases are in-app purchases that applications can offer. Think of a subscription or an item for a video game.

The developer has an e-mail stating that an app has been rejected because it is “clearly a rip off”. App reviewers, employed by Apple, may do this from the App Store, as described in section 3 of the App Store Review guidelines. It states that the reviewers may refuse apps that offer users exorbitant prices.

This policy has actually been around for a long time. But to date, Apple has not really or often used it.

But now the iPhone maker seems to do that more often, as it appears various posts from the Apple Developer Forum. Some developers would sometimes charge up to $ 40 a month to use an app, but they were not allowed to. The company confirms to 9to5Mac that the App Store must be a safe place for everyone and that it is taking measures against apps that throw a spanner in the works.