Apple announces new AirPods Pro with better noise cancellation

Apple announces new variant of its well-known AirPods Pro with better noise cancellation with very less changes in design.

Apple has announced a new variant of its well-known AirPods Pro earbuds. Nothing changes in design at all, but thanks to the new H2 chip, audio can be played in high quality. A new audio driver and amplifier has also been placed in the earbuds. During its presentation, Apple emphasizes that the noise reduction has been significantly improved: twice as much unwanted noise would be suppressed than in the previous variant.

AirPods Pro

The new Airpods Pro have a new layer on the rods at the bottom that allows you to adjust the volume very directly. In addition, Apple promises a battery life of 30 hours if you use the charging case. Or 6 hours if you listen to music in succession with the earbuds. That’s not a huge innovation: there are earplugs with longer battery life. But for Apple, it’s an improvement on the previous earbuds. You can, however, charge the earbuds on an Apple Watch charger (in addition to being able to charge them with a lightning cable or wirelessly via Qi or MagSafe).

The integration of the earbuds within the Apple ecosystem is useful. The new charging case supports Precision Finding, which means that you can search very precisely for the earbuds via the ‘Find My’ app. The case also contains a speaker and a hole so that you can attach it to a keycord. With that speaker, the case can make noise in order to be found earlier.

Better fit

To ensure that the earplugs fit even better in your ear, AirPods Pro 2 get an extra ‘rubber’. You will soon have a choice of XS, S, M, L and XL to attach to the earplug and secure it in your ear.

The second generation Airpods Pro will cost $249 (expected to be the same in euros). You can pre-order them on September 9 (Thurs), but they will hit stores on September 23.