AperionAudio: Dual AMT SuperTweeter, Novus T6 Tower & Novus NSS Tripol

AperionAudio: Dual AMT SuperTweeter, Novus T6 Tower & Novus NSS Tripol launches.

In the development department of AperionAudio there is obviously no strolling around, but rather busy working: Three new loudspeakers of different categories are announced in a current press release.

AperionAudio Dual AMT SuperTweeter – super tweeter

You can see the new super tweeters in the picture above – this particular product category has obviously been well received because it is not the first product of its kind at AperionAudio. These are super or super tweeters in the form of an Air Motion Transformer, which can be used as a supplement to existing loudspeakers to increase the airiness of the sound, but also to improve or modify the stereophonic display.

Unlike the previous Supertweeter from AperionAudio, the Air Motion Transformers shine forwards and backwards. To match the existing loudspeakers, the crossover frequency can be adjusted in five steps (8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 kilohertz), and the level can also be adjusted in six steps. AperionAudio states that in this way all existing loudspeakers with an efficiency between 87 and 98 dB / W / m can be usefully supplemented. By the way: The new SuperTweeters are already warming up with us, a test will follow soon.

AperionAudio Novus T6 – floorstanding speaker

The new floorstanding speakers from AperionAudio are called Novus T6 Tower

According to AperionAudio, this new floor-standing loudspeaker will join the Novus Tower series as a flagship floor-standing loudspeaker. It comes with two newly developed 6.5 ″ woofers and a 25 mm silk dome. AperionAudio specifies the lower cut-off frequency as 32 Hertz (-3 dB) and thus ascribes a good bass potency to this model despite its comparatively compact dimensions. Oh yes: the Novus T5 Tower we already had in the test.

AperionAudio Novus NSS Tripol – surround speakers

Aperion Audio NSS Tripol

Two drivers at the front and one broadband each on the left and right – this is what distinguishes the new Aperion Audio NSS Tripol

An unusual driver arrangement is the trump card for these loudspeakers. They are especially designed for home cinema and surround use and have a mid-bass and tweeter on the front. Broadband speakers are attached to both sides, which, in conjunction with the front drivers, are intended to create a particularly spatial sound atmosphere.

Pair prices:

  • AperionAudio Dual AMT SuperTweeter: 999 euros
  • AperionAudio Novus T6 Tower: 1,698 euros
  • AperionAudio Novus NSS Tripole: 649 euros