Antipodes Audio Oladra Server – Player launched

Antipodes Audio Oladra launched and will debut at the Munich High End Show in May 2022 and will start shipping in August 2022.

Antipodes Audio Oladra launched

Server – Player -Reclocker

The new Oladra model integrates the functions of Server, Player and Reclocker in a single and beautifully elegant chassis. The Oladra uses our latest power supply and computing platforms to deliver the best sound quality in our range of music servers, offering unrivaled ease, richness and naturalness.


Oladra uses our new high powered V7H compute engine to run server applications (such as Squeeze Server, Roon Server, HQPlayer Server, Plex Server, etc.). Users can easily install their own SSD storage: 3 drives, up to 24TB. The server computing engine has 64 GB of RAM installed, offers an external Direct Stream link for playback to the Ethernet input on a DAC, and has a proprietary ultra-high speed link for streaming to the player engine.


The Oladra uses our new mid-power V7X compute engine to run Player applications (such as Squeeze (Squeezelite), Roon (Roon Ready), HQPlayer NAA, MPD, etc.). The Player compute engine has 8 GB of RAM installed, provides a USB audio output for playback on a DAC’s USB input, and provides galvanically isolated transmission to the Reclocker engine.


The Oladra employs a high-end FPGA-managed clock, powered by a high-quality power supply employing graphene supercapacitors and discrete line drivers for S/PDIF (RCA and BNC), I2S (RJ45 and HDMI), AES3 outputs. (3-pin XLR). Because this reclocker is superior to reclocking almost any DAC available at any price, Oladra’s synchronous outputs (S/PDIF, AES3, I2S) give you the best sound quality.


The Oladra model will debut at the Munich High End Show in May 2022 and will start shipping in August 2022.

Worldwide price: $25,000 USD (plus applicable duties and taxes).