Anthem AVM-70 AV Processor & MRX-740 AV Receiver

Anthem launched two new products an AV processor and AV Receiver, Anthem AVM-70 AV Processor & MRX-740 AV Receiver.

The Canadian manufacturer Anthem specializes in high quality home cinema audio. As the Audio Components sales department responsible for Austria and Germany announced, there are now two new products: one AV processor as well as one AV receiver.

Anthem AVM-70 AV processor

With the anthem AVM-70 AV processor can be extensive 15.2 setups shape. It can be said with a clear conscience that it is armed “to the teeth” with inputs, including: seven HDMI inputs, five S / PDIF inputs (3 x optical, 2 x coaxial), but also four analog ones Line level inputs and even a phono MM input. The Anthem AVM-70 also supports Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect – in the near future, it should also be used for playback via a network via an Ethernet socket and a LAN antenna Roon ready be. A wide selection of asymmetrical and symmetrical outputs rounds off the connectivity portfolio. Get supported Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and IMAX enhanced such as HDMI v2.1 with ARC.

The back of the Anthem AVM-70 – extremely connective, both on the input and output sides

But that’s not all: The Anthem AVM-70 comes with its own ARC room correction: The entire setup can be precisely adjusted to the acoustics of the listening room via a measuring microphone and integrated software.

Anthem MRX-740 AV Receiver

While the AVM-70 is a preamp / converter, that comes with it Anthem MRX-740 as a hybrid Receiver and Preamplifier therefore – with a total of seven loudspeaker outputs that can be internally assigned or routed differently. On the input side, it is equipped almost the same as the AVM-70, only that there is no phono MM input, but an additional high-level input. It can be used to implement 11.2 setups, whereby seven freely selectable channels can be routed to the loudspeaker terminals – with a sinusoidal power of each 140 watts per channel. This device also comes with room correction.

Anthem MRX-740: practical mix of assignable speaker terminals and preamp outputs

Both devices are available now.

Anthem AVM-70 AV processor price: 4,150 euros
Price Anthem MRX-740 AV Receiver: 3,199 euros