Android Things is no longer: Google pulls plug from smart home project

A project of Google, an operating system intended for smart devices , Android things is no more Google confirms that.
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Plug pulled from Android Things

Android Things is no more, like that Google announces. This was an operating system intended for smart devices, based on the Android operating system. The system was not actually used for anything. Moreover, no news had been published for quite some time, so this is not too great a loss.

Google’s smart home project got off the ground in 2015 as a project called Brillo. This had to become an underlying system for it internet of things (internet of things). In 2016, the software received a major update and the name was changed to Android Things. At the time, it was intended that this system would run on all kinds of company devices, such as smart speakers, security cameras and routers. By leaning on Android, the system had to be accessible to all kinds of different developers.

Then nothing happened for a while. The first smart speakers with the operating system on board appeared in 2018. But other manufacturers were not interested. In February 2019, Google announced that Android Things again had a different focus and was mainly intended for smart speakers and smart displays.

Now we are again almost two years later and we see that Google is pulling the plug from the smart home project. From January 5, 2021, the Android Things Console will no longer accept new devices: that is necessary software with which developers can push updates to their devices. A year later, the plug is completely pulled out. All project data will then be permanently deleted. That means developers have a year to transfer all data to something else.