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Android 12: three useful features that may be coming

As Google upgrade its Android version every year, Android 12 is already on horizon. Here we will tell you Android 12: three useful features expected.
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Android 12: three useful features : It should come as no surprise that Google is working on a new version of Android every year; the version we can expect this year is Android 12. Many smartphone owners are still waiting for the upgrade to Android 11. Meanwhile, the tech world is already looking ahead to what will come next. Officially, the latest version of the operating system has not yet been announced, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t rumored. The first rumors have reached us. In this article, we’ll share the three most interesting possible features.

Android 12: three useful features

Share WiFi passwords more easily

You are probably already familiar with the Nearby Share function. With this function you can easily share all kinds of files with people nearby. With the release of Android 12, we may also be able to share the WiFi password with friends and family. Now the thing is that you can share a qr code with someone who asks for the password. That already saves a lot of work, since you don’t have to rattle your password (which of course is a series of random, consecutive characters) out of your head. And otherwise you don’t have to look under your router.

With Android 12 you can probably share the password via Nearby Share. This way you can choose to share that password with devices and people you trust. That is also possible with a tablet that you use yourself, for example. But you are more likely to share the password with someone who asks for it. It is possible that the person requesting that password must also have Android 12 on his or her smartphone, because otherwise it probably won’t work. We may hear more about this soon when the first developer release arrives.

Better storage management

Another feature that is already being talked about is something that app hibernation is called. With that function it is possible to free up space by automatically clearing the cache of unused apps. Other, unimportant data can also be quickly deleted if Android notices that you have not used that one app for a while. This way you do not have to delete the app in question, so that your personal data is preserved. That app therefore ends up in a kind of hibernation, until the moment arrives when you open it again and use it.

Group apps for multitasking

While it is already possible to present two apps on the screen, the process of doing that is pretty… messy. If you don’t know how to do it either, you can look for that option. Tip for people who would like to do that: you can arrange this via the overview of recent apps. You open the apps that you want to open side by side, go to that overview and press and hold the app that you want to see. Then a menu will appear on the screen, with the option Split screen. Do this with the second app too and you are good to go.

As you can see, this can be done more easily and Google now seems to be working on that. The split screen system is now called App Pairs. This means that two apps are grouped and that Android also sees the apps as one system task. Grouping two apps makes it easier to switch to another app – and then back to the group you just created. How you group the apps is not entirely clear yet, but at least it is good to see that Google is working on a solution to the problem. We are now waiting for confirmation.


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