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Android 12: one-handed mode may introduced in upcoming OS

Android 12: one-handed mode is rumored to introduced as bigger smartphones required one hand and double hand dealing simultaneously

Android 12 may be going to fix a known issue. Phones keep getting bigger and bigger, making one-handed operation often difficult or even impossible. Different manufacturers solve this problem in different ways. Samsung and OnePlus move the top menu elements to the bottom, while Sony makes the screen a lot smaller digitally and moves it to one of the two bottom corners.

Android 12: one-handed mode

These are options that manufacturers have built in themselves. But the new functionality is baked in by Google itself, said 9to5Google. To activate the new mode, you can swipe diagonally from a corner. Google has not yet confirmed the information.

You will probably see a strange interface on your display. How Google the functionality is not completely clear yet, but it looks like the screen is getting squashed. Where Sony moves the screen to a corner to scale, Google will offer the option to almost squash everything together. Manufacturers may be able to tinker with this option themselves.

Getting out of the one-handed mode also seems simple. You can swipe again and otherwise tap outside the frame. But you may also be able to set a timer, after which the system switches back itself. The mode would also be automatically deactivated when you open an app or use the keyboard.

We expect to hear more about Android 12 soon, as the first version for developers is just around the corner. It is not entirely clear when that version will be launched. But that will probably happen in February or March.

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