Android 12 design seen on leaked mockup screenshots

Android 12 design leaked indicated that Google may be working on an entirely new theming system, revealed by XDA developers.

This is evident from leaked mockup screenshots sent via XDA Developers Google may be working on an entirely new theming system for Android 12 design. These mockups were reportedly previously shared by Google with partners.

Android 12 design gets comprehensive theme system?

The images show how the system has been given a soft sand color, as well as a background of some dunes. That sand-colored accent is visible everywhere: in the search bar, the widgets and in other places. Apps also have to believe it. However, such changes require developers to allow apps to adapt to system changes. In addition, the screenshot show that Google is continuing the idea of ​​Android 11, with the focus on people, for Android 12. People are more central than ever.

It is also striking that the icons of standard applications on Android also get a different design. In this case, the color accent has also been considered, which then corresponds to the theme of the smartphone.

More noticeable changes can be seen on the screenshots. For example, the list of widgets is no longer an extensive carrousel, but a list of apps. This list can be expanded; after expanding you see what is possible. There’s also a new interface element at the top, which indicates that you can get out of a full screen app by probably swiping down there.

The notification menu also adapts to the theme. So here too it has the sand color. The notifications themselves have rounded corners, as well as large app icons and image previews. The quick settings at the top also seem to be larger.

Android 12 also puts more emphasis on privacy by displaying clearly when, for example, the microphone or camera is used. At the top right you first see a pill-shaped, green notification, which then shrinks to a point. When you tap it from the notification screen, you get access to the settings.

Since we are still dealing with a mockup here, it may be that the design is still being adjusted. All screenshots can be viewed on the website of XDA.