Android 11: These are the most interesting features so far

Android 11 is upcoming android update. This article will tell you interesting features about the update that we know so far
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Google launched the first developer version of Android 11 this week. This of course includes new possibilities. In this article we list the most interesting functions that have come out so far.

Normally, Google will not release the first variant of the next Android version until March, but this year the company is much faster with it. What is also different: for the time being the software is only intended for developers. You can also only install it on a Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a or Pixel 4 and only if you empty your device completely first. In other words: if you are interested, only do this if you have an extra Pixel smartphone at home, which is not your daily smartphone at that time.

Several American media have such an extra Pixel device, unfortunately we don’t. That is why we have gone through the articles with their experiences and based on that made a selection with the most interesting parts so far.

Android 11 – bubbles

This is a part that is very reminiscent of the Facebook chat bubbles you could once place on your home screen. Also, those bubbles were supposed to come to Android 10 initially , but that never happened. This is a new user interface for messaging services that gives you quick access to important conversations. At the moment, only Google’s own messaging app has the ability to post conversations on your screen, but eventually any app could start using this.

Android 11 conversations

In the notification section of your Android device you will soon come across the new interface for conversations. New messages get their own environment in between the notifications, so that you communicate with your friends faster than is the case now. Whether it concerns e-mail, Instagram likes or application updates: everything must soon be clearer and more user-friendly.

Android 11 – better app permissions

Google has taken a close look at iOS’s privacy features. Android 11 will give you the option with which you can give applications, for example, one-time permission to certain parts, such as your location, microphone or camera. It is a simple addition, but also one that can make using your smartphone a lot safer.

Android 11 – make video recordings of your screen

This option would also previously be available for Android 10: make a video recording of your Android screen. The option now returns in the developer version of Android 11, with an all-new user interface. This means that we can possibly expect it in the upcoming version of the operating system.

Android 11 – smaller tweaks

Big new features are coming, of course, but we certainly shouldn’t overlook the smaller tweaks. Then think of:

  • an automated dark mode for the system
  • a new Motion Sense gesture for the Pixel 4 that pauses or plays music
  • the option to pin applications to the top of the share page
  • airplane mode does not immediately turn off your bluetooth connection