Android 11 preview includes video showing new Google dongle

Google announced upcoming new Google dongle that is is internally, and now also on the internet, called Sabrina.
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Google surprised everyone with the release of an Android 11 preview for Android TV. The code has been thoroughly scrutinized, so that an additional clue has been found for the upcoming new Google dongle. That dongle is internally, and now also on the internet, called Sabrina.

New Google dongle – Android 11 contains clue for Sabrina

In March news came out that Google is working on a dongle, or media player, with Android TV on board. That dongle is called Sabrina . Much more information has since been leaked, for example about the remote control . Last night, Google released a preview of Android 11 for Android TV (surprise!). Some people have taken a close look at the code and discover things like a new reference to Sabrina. This time in the form of a short video .

The video shows how we will have to restart Sabrina in case of problems. You pull the plug out, wait three full seconds and then plug the plug back in. More interesting, however, is the confirmation of the existence of the product and its design. The image used in the video matches the image at the top of this post. The G of Google is also clearly visible. Google will probably officially announce Android 11 later this year. And, the Sabrina hardware may also run on that OS version.