‘An Android TV box from Nokia will soon be on the market’

If we can believe the latest rumors, a media player under the Nokia brand name ( an Android TV box from Nokia) will soon be released.

If we can believe the latest rumors, Android TV box from Nokia, a media player will soon be released under the Nokia brand name.

Media player with Nokia brand name

At least that reports the German website Golem. However, Nokia is not responsible for the Android TV box from Nokia. SEI Robotics is the company that will make the Streaming Box 8000, as the media player is now called, and the Austrian company Streamview will market it. Despite the fact that the brand name is on the box, HMD Global, responsible for the smartphones of the once Finnish company, has nothing to do with it. Streamview only owns the license to release such a media player.

The leaked information further indicates that when the Nokia Streaming Box 8000 comes on the market, it will have a price tag of 100 euros. In addition, the internal specifications should be quite good and we should encounter a wide variety of ports on the back. As a result, this product should soon become an interesting option for so-called cordcutters, according to the German website.

The hardware itself is pretty standard; the remote has more to offer in that regard. For example, there are buttons that give you direct access to Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix and Google Play. On the back of the box is an ethernet port, an HDMI port, a USB-C port, an optical audio connection, AV ports and a standard USB-A port. In addition, there is support for 4k video, dual band WiFi and bluetooth 4.2. Unfortunately, no information is available about working or storage memory. It is clear that Android 10 is present. It is intended that the media player will be available in European stores before the end of the year. We are now waiting for a press release.

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