Amazon wants smart assistant Alexa to non-Echo devices as well

Amazon wants smart assistant Alexa to non-Echo devices as well so it can expand the supporting network of its assistant Alexa

Alexa to non-Echo devices: The Alexa smart assistant is undeniably tied to Amazon’s Echo line, but that could change soon. Amazon is working with Sensory to ensure that the assistant will soon also be able to work on other devices that you can control with your voice.

Alexa to non-Echo devices

When you talk about Alexa from Amazon, you are also talking about the Echo speaker for your smart home. Soon, the smart assistant may also appear on devices other than those of the online retailer, as it collaborates with the Sensory company. This company specializes in voice control and also wants the assistant to work on other devices that you will soon be able to activate and operate with your voice. Amazon is already providing third-party developers with access to it.

If someone wants to add Alexa to their hardware or system, Amazon can. In fact, the retail chain will help anyone who wants to do so. The problem with those devices, however, is that you have to press one more button before you can activate it – you can’t do that with your voice yet. This new collaboration must ensure that and non-smart devices will soon give it that smart character. Soon the assistant will also be able to use, for example, a video system for next to the front door.

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