Amazon saves The Expanse, season four comes to Amazon Prime Video

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Amazon has announced this weekend that it will save the popular series The Expanse and that its fourth season will come to Amazon Prime Video. The sci-fi series can be seen here at Netflix in the Netherlands. Probably all those seasons will soon go to Amazon.

The Expanse is coming to Amazon Prime Video

The Sci-fi series The Expanse is saved. The series was canceled by Syfy, the channel where the series was shown. Here in the Netherlands, viewers can view the series via Netflix. The production company behind the television series, Alcon Entertainment, has confirmed this weekend that Amazon has picked up a lot and that the fourth season will come to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon’s video streaming service. Whether this means that the other seasons are disappearing from Netflix is ​​not yet clear, but for now it looks like that.

It would not be a strange idea when Amazon wants to offer all the seasons in one go through its own service. So if you want to know what the series is about, without you immediately want to sign up for a streaming subscription, you can still go to Netflix for the time being. The Expanse takes place two hundred years in the future, in a colonized galaxy. There are a number of political developments and conspiracy theories in the background. The series is well assessed by all kinds of series reviewers.