Amazon is working on a central Alexa system for the wall

Amazon is currently working on central Alexa system, revealed by Bloomberg. It's a smart home hub with a screen much like Echo show.
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Amazon is working on an central Alexa system for smart homes, if we Bloomberg can believe. It’s a smart home hub with a screen, much like an Echo Show, which is 10 to 13 inches in size. You also have to hang it on the wall, unlike the Show. In addition to operating smart home products, you can also operate media with it and you can video chat with it using the built-in camera.

Amazon is thinking of a central Alexa system

Probably the idea behind hanging it on the wall is that you as a user have more to say about where that smart screen will be stationed. With normal smart displays you always have to find a place on a frame, table or cupboard.

In the past, the company has already experimented with hanging Echo devices, such as a wall clock. And although it is already possible to hang your Echo devices with third-party accessories, no other Echo device is really intended for the wall. Since this new product is, it is a lot more compact than, say, one Echo Show.

The unannounced device should cost anywhere from $ 200-250. Also, the release should be somewhere between the end of 2021 and 2022. Such things can always change; especially during a pandemic, it is not certain that new products will be released. Amazon has refused to respond to rumors.