Amazon Fire TV Cube is an Echo, set-top box and universal remote

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Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV Cube on Thursday afternoon. This is an Amazon Echo, set-top box for video streaming services and universal remote control in one. The device is already available in the United States and has a temporary price of $ 90.

This is the Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon has merged the Amazon Echo speaker and the Amazon Fire TV Stick into a single device called the Amazon Fire TV Cube. For the time being, the device can only be ordered in the United States and has a price tag of $ 119.99. The pre-orders are live; Prime members pick him up for a temporary price of $ 89.99. Not only do you get access to Amazon’s 4k streaming service through the Fire TV Cube, you can also find voice assistant Alexa and you can control smarthome accessories.

On the four sides of the Amazon Fire TV Cube are infrared sensors that connect the device. enable communication with all kinds of devices around the television. In addition, there is support for hdmi-cec, so you can now switch on the TV with a voice command. You can also use the Cube without switching on the television, because there is an independent speaker. For example, if you ask for the weather, the speaker is used. If you want to watch something, such as a series, the TV will turn on automatically.

In addition, the Cube is equipped with an infrared sensor with an extra long cable, so that you can also place it outside view. The universal remote control function is not (as yet) as extensive as the Logitech Harmony but functions can be added in the future. Alexa can, for example, already adjust the volume for a specific HDMI input – so you can also control devices that are connected to a different HDMI port. Think of a soundbar for example.

Furthermore, a remote control is included, the now well-known Fire TV Remote. This remote control still has no volume buttons, so you are forced to adjust it with your voice. It would be useful if Amazon would add those buttons. The Amazon Fire TV Cube has far-field microphones and supports HDR10 and Dolby Atmos, but no Dolby Vision. You also still do not have to rely on a dedicated YouTube app, because of the conflict between Amazon and Google.