Amazon launched new products- Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp

Amazon launched new products- the Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp during an autumn event in order to compete better with Sonos.
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Amazon launched new products this week. Amazon announced the Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp during an autumn event in order to compete better with Sonos. The Sub can be paired with two other Echo speakers, which also have a good bass reproduction with this sub.

Amazon launched new products- Amazon Echo Sub, Echo Link and Link Amp

The Amazon company has officially unveiled the Echo Sub, giving a bass reproduction to the music of two paired Echo speakers. The woofer itself is 6-inch in size and is covered in dust. By connecting the sub to two other Echo-speakers you can, as it were, realize a 2.1-stereo system. You can also use the sub in combination with one speaker or use it in the multiroom options.

In addition to the Echo Sub, Amazon has also announced the Echo Link and Echo Link Amp. Both products are stereo amplifiers, with multiple options for connecting devices. The Echo Link connects to a separate amplifier, while the Link Amp is intended as an independent amplifier (60 watt dual-channel). The Link Amp can also be connected to your Echo speaker and that is convenient, because both amplifiers do not have a microphone. So to operate them with your voice, you have to connect them to other devices.

With these new products Amazon can become a serious threat for Sonos. That company also focuses on multiroom setups and often presents handy products for it, and now gives partners access to that hardware. Although Sonos is targeting people with more budgets, many people may now choose the cheaper alternative from Amazon. Moreover, the online store chain strengthens the position it has on the audio market compared to tech giants such as Google and Apple.

The Amazon Echo Sub has a price tag of $129.99 and can be ordered immediately. Later this month the sub is shipped in the United States. The Echo Link has a price tag of 199.99 dollars, the Link Amp one of 299.99 dollars. Both amplifiers will be available in the US from the beginning of next year. Nothing is currently known about European release dates.