Amazon, Apple and Google are still working on an open standard for smarthome

It is reported that Amazon, Apple and Google are still working on an open standard for smarthome to improve the smarthome technology further.

Amazon, Google, Apple and Zigbee are working on an open standard for smarthome.

Open standard for smarthome

The open standard of Amazon, Google, Apple and Zigbee is intended for smart homes and created to ensure that a unified platform is put in place. The project has recently received an update in the form of a blog post , which explains, among other things, that a release is planned for 2021. It has also become clearer which devices the standard will soon have to work with.

The intention is that a kind of draft version of the specifications will be released before the end of the year. This allows manufacturers to prepare for the release, which should take place sometime in 2021. The blog post was written by the Zigbee Alliance, a collection of companies that include Samsung SmartThings and Philips Hue.

There is also more information about what kind of devices will soon work with Project Connected Home over IP, the Amazon, Google, Apple and Zigbee project. The list of device types is very long, so we’ve put together a handy list below.

  • light and electricity
    • lamps, light sources, controls, plugs and wall sockets
  • cooling and ventilation systems
    • thermostats, ac units
  • access control
    • locks, garage doors
  • safety and security
    • sensors, detectors, security systems
  • window decorations
  • televisions
  • access points
  • bridges

In fact, that boils down to just about every major smart home product type.

Project Connected Home over IP was announced in December 2019 by Amazon, Google, Apple and Zigbee, in an effort to develop a smart home standard by making it much easier for consumers and manufacturers alike. Future devices should also be able to easily offer support for all three major voice assistants ( Google Assistant , Siri, and Amazon Alexa ).

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